Corel and AMD

Have you ever wanted to do more with your videos than simply point, shoot and watch? As in, really make them look good so your friends and family will be lining up to see them? Maybe you tried in the past but found your video-editing software was too tricky…

…Well, not for long! The barriers are coming down thanks to the latest software from Corel and the advances that AMD’s newest family of APUs is bringing to the PC.

Corel and AMD redefine the future of video editing and DVD playback.

Corel and AMD are making great things happen in the world of video by offering the technology to bring video creation, video editing and DVD playback to new levels. Hear it from Shawn Cadeau, Corel's Senior Vice President of Global Product Marketing, in this video interview.

Or visit his blog to read about this new era in video editing.

Packed full of processing power, AMD’s Advanced Processing Units (APUs) lift the quality of video production and speed up video processing tasks, allowing more complex effects to be achieved in real time. Imagine, no more waiting to see results!

And, by offloading some of the processing to the GPU, AMD boosts the power and performance of Corel products, including our featured software below:

AMD Shawn Cadeau interview

Featured Corel software

Corel software takes advantage of AMD’s advanced processing technology to offer the movie making and DVD playback experience people have been waiting for!
VideoStudio Pro x4 Ultimate

VideoStudio® Pro X4 Ultimate

Work as fast as your creativity moves you with Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 Ultimate! This powerful video-editing software has everything you need to import, edit and share standard or HD movies and DVDs. With AMD’s most recent processing technology, it dramatically enhances the creative workflow by making it possible for video editing and HD effects to take place instantly—you can get the results you want, right away. And the next release, VideoStudio Pro X4, will make all this happen even faster!
WinDVD Pro 11

WinDVD® Pro 11

WinDVD Pro 11, the world’s leading Blu-ray™ and DVD player software, brings your favorite movies to life with Blu-ray 3D playback. Watch 3D movies in high-definition detail with superior picture quality, seamless DVD playback and the booming audio of Dolby® Digital Sound for an exhilarating entertainment experience.

Optimized for AMD’s latest APUs, WinDVD provides video upscaling for higher-definition quality and prolongs laptop battery life—by as much as 20 minutes for a two-hour movie—without compromising DVD playback quality.

Corel Photo Video X4 Ultimate Bundle

Photo & Video X4 Ultimate Bundle

Photo & Video X4 Ultimate Bundle brings photo editing, movie making, DVD/AVCHD burning, creative projects and sharing together with a common look and feel to make your digital experience simple. Organize, edit, create, back up and share all your memories in one place—faster, easier and with amazing results. Optimized for AMD’s latest APUs, Digital Studio delivers impressive performance gains—with some transcoding as much as 28% faster!