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Amazing Projects! Super Savings! Not All Super Heroes Come from Hollywood.

Give the super heroes in your life an adventure everyone will love.

We all like pictures that tell us a story. Even better are stories we can tell using pictures. Use your family, friends or even pets for inspiration and come up with a funny, zany, action-packed adventure you can capture in your own comic strip! Pick some of your favorite photos or snap some new ones and see how easy it is to create your own amazing comic creation with Corel software.

Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo XI – Create a full comic strip with your own images

Building your own photo comic strip is easy in Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo XI. Using ordinary photographs* to tell your story, learn how to put together your own zany adventure comic with the heroes in your life.

(*Note: you can also use a digital painting created in a product like Corel Painter Essentials 3. Learn how here.)

What you'll need:

  • Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI
  • Download this file. It has all components you'll need to complete this tutorial.

Open Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo

If you have completed the Corel Painter Essentials 3 super heroes project, please click here before proceeding.

Otherwise, please begin here:

  1. Open Frame1-original.jpg

  2. Go to the Image menu and select Resize...
    Width: 290 pixels
    Height: 387 pixels

  3. Choose the Picture Tube tool on the toolbox Picture Tube or, from the main Learning Center page, select Text and Graphics and Add Graphics.

  4. Select the flames (fire_10) from the drop down list in the property bar.

  5. Click on image to add flames.

A new feature in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI to the rescue!

Now we're going to use one of the new features in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI to give our comic image some extra "wow". The new Film and Filters effects allow you to apply a Vivid or Vibrant Foliage filter to simulate the unique look usually produced by taking pictures with traditional slide or portrait film. We can also use these photo filters to create dramatic results on our comic book image.

Film and Filter Effect:

Film and Filter Effect
  1. From the Effects menu choose Photo Effects and Film and Filters. Use these settings for Frame1:

    a. Looks: Vivid
    b. Creative Filter: Sunset
    c. Density: 30.

    Now you can almost feel the flames!

  2. Click OK.

Adding shapes:

Next we'll add some rectangular blocks for our narration text and preset shapes for our speech bubbles.

  1. Select the Shape tool flyout menu from the toolbox and choose Rectangle:

    Shape tool

  2. In the property bar, make Width: 2.00 pt.

  3. In the Materials palette, select white background and black foreground:

    Materials palette

Hint: click the black/white box to Set to Black and White colors and click the Swap Colors icon to switch foreground and background colors quickly and easily.

  1. Click and drag to draw a white rectangle with a black outline. Select the Pick tool from the toolbox to position the rectangle across bottom of image.

Adding Text

  1. Select the Text tool from the toolbox and apply settings in property bar:

    a. Font: Comic Sans
    b. Size: 12
    c. Alignment: Center
    d. Stroke Width: 0

  2. Change the background color in the Materials palette to black.

  3. With the Text tool still selected, click on the image to open the text entry window.

Hint: If you wish to type regular paragraph text, click on your image when the text tool cursor shows a crosshair next to the letter A. To type text on a path, such as around a rectangle, move the text tool close to a vector shape until the cursor changes to a crosshair with the letter A above a curved line.

  1. Type your text and notice the font preview is displayed on your image. To make additional changes to existing text, first select the text in the entry window before modifying the properties. Press Apply when finished.

  2. Use the Pick tool to position text over center of rectangle shape:

    Pick tool

Fonts and shapes will appear as separate vector layers in the layers palette. To make changes to them, select them from the layers palette. Double-click the layer to change available properties or use the pick tool to select and reposition layer objects.

Continue to add shapes and text for speech bubbles and text box areas. If you wish to save your layers and keep the text and layers editable for future changes, save the final images as a PSPIMAGE file type. For this project we' re going to save these images as JPGs, which will flatten our layers and make it easier to move the final images into our final comic strip when we're ready.

  1. Save the final images as Frame1-final.jpg:

    Save the final images as Frame1-final.jpg

Repeat above steps for remaining images. Experiment with the Film and Filter effects to give your comic a dramatic look.

Note: In this project we used the following additional steps on each image:

  • Frame 1: Picture tubes for fire. Film and Filters > Look: Vivid, Creative Filter: Sunset, Density: 30
  • Frame 2: Picture tubes for lightning bolts
  • Frame 4: Color changer to background sky. Change to red or orange for an intense feel
  • Frame 5: Film and Filters > Looks: Vivid, Creative Filters: Night Effect, Density: 80
    Draw a circle selection around face. Copy and paste as new layer in full comic strip. Use pick tool to resize and position to end of strip

Putting it all together:

  1. Open ComicStrip_template.pspimage

  2. Open the View menu and check Guides and Snap To Guides.

  3. Open Frame1-final.jpg Select All (Ctrl + A).

  4. Copy selection (Ctrl + C).

  5. Select ComicStrip.pspimage and paste as new layer (Ctrl + L).

  6. Use pick tool to position within the guides.

  7. Repeat steps 15 to 18 for remaining images

  8. Add title text with the following properties:

    a. Font: Impact
    b. Size: 60 points
    c. Alignment: Center
    d. Stroke Width: 3.0
    e. Background color: Red
    f. Foreground color: Black

  9. Save file with a new name and share!

    Save file with a new name and share
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Now what?

Here's what else you can do for the super heroes in your life!

If you don't own all of these products, don't worry. All Corel products come with a "Buy It & Try It" no-risk 30 Day Money-back Guarantee!

Plus you can try any Corel product through our Free Trial Download program. It' s a great way to see just what you can do with Corel software.

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