September 2005

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Featured Tips and Tutorials

Featured Tutorials
Spot Color Tips for Thrifty Designers
By Steve Bain
Budget-challenged print designers and small business owners that create low-cost business layouts often need to be resourceful and limit their use of color.

If you're using CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT® to produce your creative content, you have everything you need to maximize your printing investment. This tutorial explores some color strategies you can follow to improve your designs when using spot color inks. Read the full tutorial >> Read more >>

Featured Tips
Transforming objects interactively
In Corel PHOTO-PAINT®, you can dynamically change the appearance of objects using the following transformations:
Sizing – Change the width and height of an object
Scaling – Size an object to a percentage of its original size
Rotating – Turn an object around its center of rotation
Flipping – Create a horizontal or vertical mirror image of an object
Skewing – Slant an object to one side
Distorting – Stretch an object disproportionately
Applying perspective – Give an object the appearance of depth

Find out how to transform your objects >>

Sharpening photos in Corel PHOTO-PAINT®
Did you know that you can sharpen images to increase contrast, enhance image edges, or reduce shading? Sharpening is usually done after adjusting the color and tone of an image and after resampling or resizing. To sharpen an image, you can use filters or brush strokes.
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Showcasing your graphic design talent through email
Take advantage of email marketing to display your latest designs. With Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing® from Constant Contact®, you can create and send eye-catching emails in minutes, and let clients and prospects see examples of your work. Try Constant Contact FREE for 60 days.
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Industry Views
Inaugural issue of The Graphics Report—
yours for FREE

Formerly known as PC Graphics Report, The Graphics Report covers the latest news, reviews, tips and tools for computer graphics, digital photography and web design for PC and Macintosh platforms. Download the PDF today at >> (user name: eflash and password: eflash)

Featured Editorial
It's Easy to be Amazing
You can do it in 5 easy steps with NEW Corel® Paint Shop Pro® X!

Everyone has photos that would be absolutely perfect if it weren't for just one minor flaw. With NEW Paint Shop Pro X you can easily remedy the five most common problems that plague digital photos. Here, we'll show you how.


Crop Your Photos
Cropping is the quickest way to improve a photo. With Paint Shop Pro X, you can take a photo that has a bunch of distractions and turn into a stunning image with a distinct subject.

Read the other four tips to see how you can create amazing photos.

Paint Shop Pro X now available.
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User Profiles

Umpqua National Forest
Members of the Bureau of Land Management and the USDA Forest Service use CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite to create and collaborate on brochures and interactive marketing materials that showcase the exquisite beauty of Umpqua National Forest. Read the full story >>


Check out CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 at PowerPoint Live 2005
September 27
San Diego, CA

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CorelDRAW for Sublimation - November 12
CorelDRAW for Sandblasting - November 13

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Clipart and Freebies Photospin Download free pics!
Looking for some free photo images for work or play? Check out the picture library that we make available exclusively to Corel graphics-software users. Take a look at what September has to offer >>

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