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Spring is now officially with us. To celebrate, this month's Graphics eFlash has some wonderful special offers, as well as a host of useful tips and tutorials to help you get the most out of your Corel graphics package.

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CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12: still attracting rave reviews
Since its launch in February, CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 has been receiving enthusiastic reviews from users and journalists alike. Check out our Industry View section and read some recent comments.

Corel® Freedom Graphics License Plan now also covers governments! The Freedom Graphics License Plan from Corel now has new price levels and terms of use specifically tailored to meet the needs of all levels of government. Find out more.

Delivering multi-plan licensing, the Corel® Freedom Graphics License makes it easy and cost effective to adopt and maintain Corel's industry-leading graphics software across any public- or private-sector organization. Purchase software from one source and reap the cost-saving and administrative benefits:

  • One license
  • No contract
  • Volume pricing
  • Complete set of graphics applications
  • Market-leading compatibility
  • Easy to use

More rave reviews for CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12
As we mentioned in our lead story, Corel DRAW® Graphics Suite 12 continues to attract enthusiastic reviews. Here's what a few industry specialists have said:

Creative Pro wrote:
"CorelDraw lovers everywhere invariably applaud a new release of this sleek, value-filled graphics package, and with good reason: The three major applications in the CorelDraw Graphics Suite provide illustration (CorelDraw), image editing (Photo-Paint), and animation (R.A.V.E), covering most tasks that a graphics pro might need."

"If you are looking for a graphics package that will do almost everything, CorelDraw is good value."

And from DesignNewz.com:
"Corel DRAW is a step above Adobe® Illustrator® and a two-flight walk above Freehand®..."

Download the latest patch to fix issues with Temp Drive Full.

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We're delighted to offer free and unlimited e-mail support to all registered users of our retail and licensed software. The benefits? Uninterrupted round-the-clock support 365 days a year, and guaranteed replies to all e-mail support requests within one business day. And—as an added bonus—no more telephone charges or waiting to speak to a support agent. Learn more about this great new service.

Great prices for paid support
We've taken a close look at our paid-support options and adjusted our prices to ensure we offer the highest-quality support at a competitive cost that's attractive to customers. Find out more.

DRAWings®: Innovative new embroidery software
Combining a special edition of CorelDRAW® with DRAWstitch's powerful embroidery technology, DRAWings is the complete solution for apparel-industry users and embroidery hobbyists. Create professional quality embroidery designs in a matter of seconds. Find out more about this new exclusive product from Corel and order your copy today.

Special offer e-Flashback
In the last few issues of eFlash we've invited you to take advantage of a number of special offers. By special request of our readers, this month we're repeating three of them: Last chance for Free Shipping*! Offer Expires April 16, 2004.
Buy or upgrade to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 today and take advantage of our free-shipping special offer before it ends.

Upgrade $179 USD | Upgrade $249 CAD

To purchase by phone call us toll free at 1-877-502-6735 and quote promo code (891).

*Available in North America only.

Ready to Start Earning Money?
Corel's Referral Program enables affiliates to earn six to eight percent commission on every sale*. Each time you refer a visitor to Corel.com and they complete a purchase, you earn a commission. Join Corel's Referral Program today—it's free.

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Pre-order WordPerfect® Office 12 today and receive a FREE t-shirt*
Give your office a suite promotion and upgrade to WordPerfect® Office 12 for only $149.99 US or $199.99 CAD**. Full-version WordPerfect® Office 12 is available for $299.99 US or $399.99 CAD**. Take advantage of these great limited-time offers—today.

Upgrade $149.99 USD | $199.99 CAD

Full version $299.99 USD | $399.99 CAD

* While quantities last.
** Valid in North America only

Tips of the month:
Create wonderful embossed text with Corel® Painter™ 8
You might be surprised to learn just how easy it is to achieve embossed text effects with Corel® Painter™ 8. Embossing gives objects depth and is used to create 3D text logos and rollover graphics for the Web. In this tip, we'll guide you step-by-step through the simple process of creating embossed text with Corel Painter. Find out how.

CorelDRAW's New Snapping Speeds Design Work
CorelDRAW's object snapping has always been useful. Now, improved snapping in CorelDRAW 12—used in combination with another new feature: dynamic guides—makes object snapping invaluable. See how.

Updating your address
Corel customers can update account e-mail addresses easily. Just go to your personal profile and change your email address.

If you don't currently have a Corel account, maybe it's time you created one. With an account you can:
  • Register and manage your Corel product licenses
  • Gain faster access to customer support
  • Access trial downloads and other secured content
  • Manage your personal information and communication options
Create an account today—it's easy. Find out how.

Featured tutorial: Corel® Painter™ 8.1
(Corel Painter 8 customers can download Painter 8.1 for free)
Transforming digital photographs into mosaics
With Corel Painter® 8.1's powerful Make Mosaic command it's easy to create beautiful tile patterns from cloned photographs. In this tutorial, you'll see how a digital photograph of a landscape from the north of Italy—with a charming 19th century building—can be used to make two distinct digital mosaics from the same cloned source image. You'll also learn how to design tile patterns from scratch. Find out more.

Featured tutorial: CorelDRAW® 12
Snap to It!
By Steve Bain
Ever fumbled around trying to align your cursor to an object? Read this tutorial and you'll never fumble again. CorelDRAW's object snapping has always been useful; however, re-designed object snapping in CorelDRAW® 12 gives you maximum control, delivering nine new modes that—when used in combination with another new feature: dynamic guides—make object snapping invaluable. Learn how.

April: Great graphics, perfect presentations
Join CorelWORLD host Rick Altman for one or both of these insightful days—and get to really know two of the most widely-used tools for creative business people today.

Phoenix: April 20-21
Calgary: April 27-28
San Jose: May 5-6

Find out more

May: Corel® Painter™ Panache intro class
Don't miss this great opportunity to learn how to use Corel® Painter™ from the author of Painter 8 Creativity, Jeremy Sutton. In the Painter Panache Intro Class you'll learn how to use Painter to transform your photographs into works of art that emulate the look and feel of pastels, watercolors and oils. For more information and to register visit www.paintercreativity.com/courses.

Ramada Plaza Hotel, San Francisco
May 17 - 21 or
October 18 - 22

If you're an experienced Painter user looking to take your artwork to the next level, then the Painter Panache Master Class Explorations in Color on October 4 to 8 may be just right for you. Find out more.

May: Join us at an exclusive government breakfast event and find out what's NEW on the desktop
Breakfast is on us in May. Join us and learn how your government department or agency can realize significant savings and lower total cost of ownership by using both WordPerfect® Office 12 and CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12. You'll also have an opportunity to listen to engaging speakers, share best practices with your peers, and explore new—and better—ways of doing business.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Jointly sponsored by Corel and Softchoice
May 4th, 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Washington, DC, USA
Jointly sponsored by Corel and ASAP
May 20th, 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Missed a story?
Want to revisit an old tip? No problem. Every issue of Corel Graphics e-Flash is posted to an online archive for easy reference. Check out some of our previous issues.

Download free pics! (Really!)
Looking for free photo images to work with? We've got an ever-growing exclusive library for Corel graphics-software users thanks to our partners at Photospin. Take a look at this month's great photospin images.

CorelDRAW® 12 Unleashed - Now Available
CorelDRAW® 12 Unleashed is a revolutionary new multimedia eBook that gives users the information they need to get the most out of CorelDRAW 12 and PHOTO-PAINT 12. Unleashed includes 440 full-color e-book pages and more than four hours of tutorial videos. With this information, a user's creativity will soon be unleashed. For more details about this exciting offer and how to order, click here.

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