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Because CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 delivers a new evolution in design. With unique smart design tools that dramatically increase productivity, Graphics Suite 12 gives you power at your fingertips unlike any other graphics suite. Industry-standard compatibility streamlines file exchange and offers more flexible workflow. Plus, suite-wide integration and time-saving features help you work more efficiently. And, as if all these features aren't enough, applications for vector illustration, page layout, digital imaging and motion graphics make CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 unbeatable.

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Signs of the Times
Corel's CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12
by Chris & Kathi Morrison

"CorelDRAW® 12 offers a most affordable and complete solution. The new features incorporate a great drawing tool, and numerous performance and capability enhancements. If you don't own Corel's Graphics Suite, take a look at it. If you own an older version, now's the time to upgrade."

Professional Photographer, June 2004
"Let your images sing with color"
By Jeremy Sutton

"How do the richness and depth of those colors and tonal values compare to those in color photographs? The difference is striking. The painted colors and tones extend dramatically beyond those in photographs. Therein lies the power of paintings. With Corel Painter® 8 Software, you can give that power to your photographs."


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Tips of the month:

How to use the Woodcut effect in Corel® Painter™
Did you know that by using the Woodcut-effect filter in Corel® Painter™, you can transform a photograph into a woodcut-style image? And you can change the filter's settings to create a variety of woodcut print styles.

Find out more >>

How to use the Interactive fill, Eyedropper, and Paintbucket tools in CorelDRAW® 12
The Interactive fill tool allows you apply fountain (gradient), texture, and pattern fills easily to objects in a drawing. You can then edit the fill you've applied interactively and view the results of your changes as you apply them.

CorelDRAW® 12 also includes dramatically improved Eyedropper and Paintbucket tools to streamline your work.

Learn more >>

Featured tutorial: Corel® Painter™ 8, The New Digital Watercolor
Simulating watercolor on a single layer

Welcome to the new digital watercolor feature in Corel® Painter™ 8 that enables you to complete a watercolor painting on a single layer. You decide how much your applied color bleeds—called "diffusion" in Corel Painter 8—and how much color migrates to the edges of your brush strokes when you set percentage levels for "wet fringe."

Find out more >>

Featured tutorial: Corel® PHOTO-PAINT® 12
Enhance your digital photography
by Anthony Celeste

In this article, you'll learn how to use Corel PHOTO-PAINT® 12 with your digital camera. I'll go over the entire process from downloading your photos into Corel PHOTO-PAINT to cleaning up problem areas with the Clone tool. Along the way, we'll discuss how to make brightness and contrast adjustments, perform point-and-click color corrections, and touch up with blurring and sharpening.

Find out how >>

Featured tutorial: Corel® Painter® 8
Making the most of Scripts
by Marilyn Sholin


Scripts are a great way to record every brush stroke and step that you take as you paint. In other words, Scripts create a very long ACTION (as in Photoshop) that can recreate your entire painting from scratch if necessary. And, as with an ACTION, you can modify Scripts and create changes to your painting by revising certain options within an individual Script.

In this tutorial, I'm going to share with you a special way I have of using scripts that has saved me many hours of painting work.

Find out more >>

Featured tutorial: Corel® Painter® 8
Painting hair like a pro
by Helen Yancy

Corel Painter® 8 gives photographers a fantastic ability to transform their photos into wonderful painted portraits. One area that lends itself well to digital painting—even for a beginner—is hair. Even if you are still learning how to paint faces with digital brushes, making hair look painted rather than photographed will immediately transform your image from a photo to a work of art.

Find out how >>


Enjoy a summer Painter® Workshop with Carol Benioff
Corel Painter® 8: The Digital Art Box
Monday June 28 through Wednesday 30th

Come to Mendocino, a beautiful spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean 150 miles north of San Francisco, and immerse yourself in a Painter® workshop led by Carol Benioff. Carol is a world-renown artist and illustrator, and long-time contributor to the Painter Wow series. Carol will teach you about Painter's brushes, papers, textures and patterns, and show you how to work directly from life, compose images using the cloning tools, and experiment with mixed media. For more information, visit www.mendocinoartcenter.org or telephone 800-653-3328.

Find out more about Carol Benioff at www.carolbenioff.com

New classes for photographers using Painter® with Master Craftsman Portrait Artist Marilyn Sholin
Portrait Photography and Intro to Corel Painter® with Jane Conner Ziser and Marilyn Sholin
July 12 - 16
Jane's Digital Art School, Florida
To register for a class or for more information, visit www.janesdigitalart.com, call 1-386-615-1630 or e-mail janeconnerziser@aol.com.

Meet the artist
August 12th

Meet Marilyn Sholin and see her Painter® artwork on display in The International Grand Art Show at the Dover Art Gallery in North Hollywood, California.

Find out more >>

West Virginia Professional Photographers Convention
October 11th

Marilyn Sholin will be a convention speaker at the fall West Virginia Professional Photographers Convention. For more information, email Edwin Connor at mred@teays.net

More from Marilyn:

Learn Corel Painter® 8 in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast
Attend an Artistry Retreat and learn basic art concepts and the Painter® steps needed to turn photos into works of art. Techniques taught include how to apply painterly effects to architectural renderings. These techniques are also suitable for artists starting with sketches or grisailles.

Leading the retreats is original Corel Painter® expert Karen Sperling, who has been teaching artists and photographers how to use Painter since its debut 13 years ago. Karen wrote several of the first product manuals for Painter and has also published many books on the subject. Her art is held in private collections around the world.

Summer and fall retreats include:

Artistry Corel Painter 8 Beginners Retreat
Southern California
July 13 - 16

Artistry Corel Painter 8 Intermediate Retreat
Southern California
August 25 - 27

Artistry Corel Painter 8 Beginners Retreat
Portland, OR
September 20 - 23

Artistry Corel Painter 8 Beginners Retreat
New York City
October 18 - 21

For more information, visit www.artistrymag.com, email ksperling@aol.com or call Karen at 818-981-2803.


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