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We've already received some wonderfully positive feedback from readers, many of whom took advantage of last month's CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 special offer.

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CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12: winning rave reviews
Since its launch in February, CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 has been winning rave reviews! CRN says CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 "...proved to be the best product overall for businesses of 10 or fewer employees." beating out Adobe® Creative Suite and Microsoft® Publisher. CNET awarded Corel's suite with the Editor's Choice, hailing it as "...a superstar graphics package with a brilliantly designed interface ".

And introducing...
This month we're delighted to announce the launch of DRAWings®, an innovative new product destined to revolutionize the apparel industry. Check out Corel in the News for more information.

Corel® and DRAWstitch®: A perfect fit for the apparel industry—and embroidery enthusiasts.
Last month, Corel® and DRAWstitch® introduced DRAWings®, an innovative new graphics and embroidery technology that's ideal for apparel-industry users and embroidery hobbyists.

Combining a special edition of CorelDRAW® with DRAWstitch's powerful embroidery technology, DRAWings enables customers to complete projects more quickly and cost-effectively than when using traditional digitizing solutions.

Want to know more? Read the press release, or check out our DRAWings web page and order your copy today.

Rave reviews for CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 continue to pour in
As we highlighted in our lead story, CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 is attracting enthusiastic reviews. Here's just a sample of what the press are saying:

"The suite remains a good bet for business and technical users who want lots of graphics tools at an attractive price, and its improvements will please many existing CorelDRAW fans."
PC World, March 2004

"When it comes to creating logos, advertisements, technical drawings and illustrations, as well as working with digital photographs and Web-based graphics, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 offers a wealth of design tools for designers and graphics professionals."
Small Business Computing, February 2004

Calling all Corel® Painter™ users: enjoy CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 at a very special price*
If you own any version of Corel® Painter™, we're offering an opportunity to purchase CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 at the upgrade price of $179 US or $249 CAD—a whopping overall saving of $226 US or $280 CAD.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 introduces an exciting new breed of intelligent tools that enable professional designers to complete many tasks twice as fast as before. Don't delay. Take advantage of this great special offer and upgrade today.

Upgrade $179 USD | Upgrade $249 CAD

*Available in North America only.

Attention CorelDRAW® users: for a limited time only* enjoy Corel® Painter™ 8 at upgrade prices
We're offering Corel® Painter™ 8 to all our CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite users at the amazing upgrade price of $149 US or $225 CAD. That's a huge instant saving of $150 US or $224 CAD.

Corel Painter 8 gives you virtually limitless ways to express your unique artistic style. With over 750 brushes and 30 mediums as well as countless colors, our studio allows you to paint realistic watercolors and create original works of art from photos—and then easily incorporate them into your CorelDRAW projects.

See just how innovative Corel Painter 8 is—take advantage of your upgrade today.

Upgrade $149 USD | Upgrade $225 CAD

* Offer expires April 30th, 2004. Available in North America only.

Perfect partner bundle
Stop painting with your mouse. Unleash the power of Corel® Painter™ 8 with a Wacom® tablet & pen—and receive FREE Lynda.com training with select bundles.

Find out more about this exclusive offer.

Ready to start earning money?
Join Corel's Affiliate Program: not only will your Web site earn revenue, but your customers will also be exposed to products and services enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

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Test drive CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 is attracting a lot of attention from users and industry alike. Take an interactive tour and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

Free Shipping Offer Expires April 16, 2004
Buy or upgrade to CorelDRAW 12 today and take advantage of our free-shipping special offer before it ends.

Upgrade $179 USD | Upgrade $249 CAD

Full $399 USD | Full $529 CAD

Introducing the Corel® Freedom Graphics License Plan
Never before has it been so easy for companies to license a complete set of graphics applications, leverage industry-leading compatibility, and benefit from ease of use—with no complicated contract.

Find out more about the flexible Freedom Graphics License Plan at www.corel.com/graphicsfreedom or call us at 1-877-652-6735.

Tip of the month: CorelDRAW® 12

The Totally Intuitive Trimming Tool
Object shaping is the process used by illustrators to create unusual shapes for all types of drawing projects. Combine one shape with another and it's possible to create almost anything. However, illustrators have lacked the ability to selectively trim specific parts of these combined objects—until now. Find out more from CorelDRAW® 12 expert Steve Bain. Read the full tutorial.

Featured tutorial: CorelDRAW® 12

New Dynamic Guides Will Change the Way You Draw
Every so often, a new feature comes along that's so innovative, it has the potential to completely change the way you draw. New Dynamic Guides in CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 are just that kind of feature. In fact, after using them, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them. Let CorelDRAW 12 expert Steve Bain show you just how great these new guides really are. Read the full tutorial.

Featured tutorial: Corel® Painter™

Matching Color Management Settings in Adobe® Photoshop® and Corel® Painter™
Many Corel® Painter™ users also work with Adobe® Photoshop®. To streamline work flow when switching between these applications, it's useful to configure Corel Painter's color-management settings to match those in Photoshop.

Let Corel Painter experts guide you through the configuration process for your monitor to ensure that colors displayed in Corel Painter will closely resemble those in Photoshop. Read the full tutorial.

Great graphics, perfect presentations
Two days of non-stop learning for Windows-based designers and presenters. Work better, smarter, and faster with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Microsoft PowerPoint. Join CorelWORLD host Rick Altman for one or both of these insightful days with two of the most widely-used tools used by creative businesspeople today.

Dallas March 23-24 . New York/New Jersey March 29-30 . Chicago April 1-2 . Phoenix April 20-21 . Calgary April 27-28 . San Jose May 5-6 For details, please visit: http://www.corelworld.com

Learn Corel® Painter™ 8.1 and explore beautiful Asheville, North Carolina
Attend the Artistry Corel® Painter™ 8.1 Beginners Retreat at the Biltmore Estate. Learn basic art concepts from original Corel Painter™ expert, Karen Sperling, as well as how to turn photos into works of art. Check out details now!

Corel® Painter™ Panache intro class
Don't miss this great opportunity to learn how to use Corel® Painter™ from the author of Painter 8 Creativity, Jeremy Sutton. Visit www.paintercreativity.com for more information.

Class web page is available at: www.paintercreativity.com/courses/panache-intro-may2004.html and registrations forms at: www.paintercreativity.com/courses/panache-intro-may2004-reg.html.

Coming soon
Missed a story? Want to revisit an old tip? No problem. Starting with this issue, we'll be logging every Corel Graphics e-Flash in an online archive for easy reference.

Download free pics! (Really!)
Looking for free photo images to work with? We've got an ever-growing library exclusively for Corel graphics-software users thanks to our partners at Photospin.

So what do you think?
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Spot Process (SPVR) Software: A First for Screen Printers

Corel users: Simulated Process, Color Separation Software is now available from Freehand Graphics, Inc.

Importing a separated halftone image from SPVR into Draw allows users to take advantage of all that Draw has to offer. Combine vector text and graphics colored using the "spot colors" imported with the high end, tonal separations created in SPVR. The result is professional files and output that produce stunning textile prints.

With all the control during the creative process and the outstanding pre-flight options it's no wonder users of Draw wish to remain Draw users. SPVR makes it possible.


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