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October 2006

In this edition of the WordPerfect Expert, we explore the use of images in an office environment. You'll see how easy it is to include images in the documents and presentations you create with Corel WordPerfect Office X3. Along with improving the look of your work, adding images will help you communicate your ideas faster and more effectively—and you don't have to be a designer to do it! Read on to learn more...

Featured Tip #1

Adding graphics to headers and footers in WordPerfect® X3
You can create eye-catching headers and footers in WordPerfect® X3 by adding an image, such as a company logo or clipart. You can add a horizontal line to separate the header or footer from the document text.

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Featured Tip #2

How to Anchor a Picture with WordPerfect® X3
When you insert a picture into a WordPerfect® document, you have several options for anchoring the picture. Anchoring keeps the picture near or with a specific page, paragraph, or character. This means that if the paragraph or character move to a different page, the picture will move with it.

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Featured Tip #3

Inserting a picture in a Quattro Pro® spreadsheet
Did you know that you can add pictures to your Quattro Pro® spreadsheets? In addition to letting you present data graphically, Quattro Pro lets you create original drawings, link to internet graphics, add clipart images, and insert your own pictures. For this tip, we'll focus on the simple process of inserting a picture in a spreadsheet.

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Featured Tutorial

Working with images in
Corel® WordPerfect® Office X3

Digital images are more popular than ever. They're used by small business owners who must produce their own marketing materials, busy moms who send out annual holiday letters with family pictures, and students who include illustrations and images from the Internet in their school reports. Although images are used most often in WordPerfect documents, you can also insert an image into a Quattro Pro® spreadsheet or a Presentations slide show.

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Challenge our experts with your toughest Corel WordPerfect Office questions
In every issue we answer one of your most intriguing questions. Here's this month's query:

I am always typing my return address or inserting my company logo from a graphics file. Is there a way to make this quick and easy?

WordPerfect Office X3 provides QuickWords. QuickWords are a quick and easy way to insert commonly used items into your document. Some examples of typical QuickWords are signature blocks, company logos, return addresses and much, much more!

Creating a QuickWord for commonly used text / images:

  1. Create your text, or insert your picture in Corel® WordPerfect®.

  2. Using your mouse, select the text/picture.

  3. In WordPerfect, click Tools, QuickCorrect.

    1. If you don't see QuickCorrect under tools, click Tools, WorkSpace Manager and select "WordPerfect Mode," then click Ok.

  4. In QuickWords, In the field labeled "Abbreviated form (Type this QuickWord in a document)," type the name you want to use for your QuickWord. This should be a name which you won't accidentally type. Some people begin their names with a "\" character to ensure they don't accidentally type it.

  5. Click the Create button.

  6. Near the bottom of this window, ensure there is a checkmark in the "Expand QuickWords when you type them."

  7. Click Ok.

  8. To test the new QuickWord, type the word you entered in step 5 and press the space bar on your keyboard.

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See how this small northern town uses WP to product a newspaper

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Change colors in an instant with NEW Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo XI
The new Color Changer in Paint Shop Pro Photo XI has lots of practical uses. You can change the color of walls and furniture, or any kind of merchandise. It's great for quickly changing to the backdrop of pictures or making everyone's shirt match the company logo. But it's also a lot of fun too! With just a few clicks you can change the color of virtually any object in your photos.

Download the FREE trial of Paint Shop Pro Photo XI and follow along with our Color Changer Tutorial, and we'll show you how easy it is to change an object's color. You can decide later if you want to put the tool to practical use or have some fun with it!

Download the FREE trial

Color Changer Tutorial

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