Product Updates

Now available for download—WordPerfect® Office 12 Service Pack 1
Service Pack 1 is now available for WordPerfect® 12 users. Find out more >>

Introducing the WordPerfect® OfficeReady Employee Handbook Solution Pack.
Every small business needs a written policy handbook. Corel's innovative Employee Handbook Solution Pack will help you implement company policies quickly and economically. Pack features include:

  • More than 100 in-depth business and information systems policies
  • A comprehensive eBook that shows you how to write an employee handbook
  • Eighteen workplace U.S. Department of Labor Posters in PDF format
Find out more or try a free sample of templates >>

New additions to the Corel Knowledge Base: 11 innovative How To videos* to help you get the most of WordPerfect Office.
Topics covered by these videos include how to:

  • Add an address to your WordPerfect address book
  • Back up the WordPerfect address book
  • Create a calendar with the calendar project
  • Disable reveal codes
  • Dock a toolbar
  • Create labels
  • Merge data
  • Resize an image box
  • Create a resume using the resume project
  • Insert a textbox in a margin

Take a look at the at the latest WordPerfect How To videos in the knowledge base >> *Please note: How To videos do not contain audio.

 Ask a WordPerfect® Expert

Challenge our experts with your toughest WordPerfect® questions
In every issue of WordPerfect Expert, we answer one of your most intriguing questions. Here's this month's query:

How can I convert Microsoft® Word documents easily into WordPerfect documents?


  1. First, turn on the Microsoft Word Compatibility Toolbar*. To do this, select View and Toolbars. Check the box beside Microsoft Word Compatibility and select OK. A new toolbar will appear.

  2. The third icon from the left on the toolbar will launch the Conversion Utility.

  3. Select the folders of documents you wish to convert. Options include: batch convert folders and subfolders; create a log file; convert to a new folder to keep the originals safe; and specify how to handle duplicate file names.

*Note: there are two alternate ways to access the Conversion Utility:
  1. Select Start/ Programs/ WPO12/ Utilities/ Conversion Utility.
  2. Change workspaces by selecting Tools/ Workspace Manager/ Microsoft Word Mode.

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 Industry News

WordPerfect 12: Secure, functional, Word compatible—and very affordable
By Jim Trageser Staff Writer,

"Not only can you make WordPerfect look and behave just like Microsoft Word, but WordPerfect 12 is better than ever at opening Word documents, and saving to Word formatted-files. In an online demonstration provided by Corel, even complex documents with tables and graphics created in WordPerfect and saved to Word format opened just fine in Word—and vice versa.

So if you use Word at work, you don't need to use Word at home just to stay compatible."

Find out more >>

You can contact Jim Trageser at

 Partner Specials

Dazzle yourself: Video capture and editing AND DVD creation
Dazzle DVC90 is an external video-transfer device ideal for fast PCs equipped with Hi-Speed USB 2.0. DVC90 includes Studio QuickStart for editing and restoring videos. DVC90 connects to all Hi-Speed USB ports, ensuring the highest quality transfer of videos onto PC from any camcorder, VCR or DVD player equipped with analogue output connectors.

DVC90 also includes Pinnacle Studio™ QuickStart movie-making software, which is the ideal application for those just getting started in video editing.

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