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Five Fun Photo Ideas - Family Get Togethers

1. Upside Down
Take a picture of kids standing on their head - doing a handstand against a wall or tree! It's fun and funny. Even if the kids can't quite get up, you'll still have a great time and get lots of amazing pictures.

Upside Down

2. Line up
Have everyone in your family line up from tallest to shortest. If you've got a big family, take a few shots, and stitch them together to create a panorama. Make sure to record the date. Then you can take another picture at your get-together next year and keep track of who has grown over the year!

Line up

3. Cannonball
Having a party at the lake or by the pool? Have a cannonball contest and record those wacky dives and big splashes! Photographer's Tip: To avoid the shutter delay, press the shutter halfway and hold, then click the picture when your diver's in mid-air!


4. From Great Heights
Make your photographer stand on the steps, a picnic table, a ladder, and gather the family around. Have everyone look up at the camera for a unique perspective.

From Great Heights

5. Wacky Props
Buy a pair of fun sunglasses or a crazy hat. Make each family member pose with the accessory of your choice, then when you're done create a collage featuring each person with the prop.

Wacky Props

And don't forget to share these great family photos. We'd love to see them too. Send us your fun family photos! You could win FREE software and be featured in an upcoming issue of Zoom In!
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