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Five Fun Photo Ideas - Back to School

1. Still Life with School Supplies
Dump out the backpack and snap a shot of all the supplies your child brings to school the first day. From markers and crayons to rulers and glue sticks, it's fun to look back on everything you needed to start the school year off right.

2. A Day in the Life of a Student
Everyone takes that picture of their kid all ready for school, and heading out the door. But why not document the whole day? Snap a picture of your child with messy, early-morning bed-head. Once they're all ready, take a picture of them perfectly pressed and ready to start the year. Finally, when they get home from the first day, snap one more picture of how they look at the end of the day.

A Day in the Life of a Student

3. Keep Summer Memories from Fading
Does your child have books to cover? Print out some of your favorite photos from the summer and glue them to the book covers, giving your child an instant pick me up in the middle of the school day. Or create a fun collage to hang inside your child's locker.

Keep Summer Memories from Fading

4. How Did you Spend your Summer Vacation?
Speaking of summer memories, the night before school starts sit down with your kids and go through pictures of your summer. This will refresh their memory and they'll have an easy answer when someone asks them how they spent their summer vacation.

How Did you Spend your Summer Vacation?

5. Mark Your Place
Once you're done snapping all your fun back to school photos, put them to use. Create bookmarks featuring your photos. Your kids can use these homemade bookmarks to keep their place in all those new school books.

Mark Your Place

And don't forget to share your great back-to-school pictures. We'd love to see them too. Send us your favorite back to school photos. You could win FREE software and be featured in an upcoming issue of Zoom In!
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