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Five Tips for Better Summer Photos

1. Sunny days call for flash
Bright sunlight can create harsh shadows on your subjects, using the Fill Flash function on your camera will help reduce these shadows. Although it's hard to believe you'd need a flash-give it a try, your photos will be more colorful and balanced. Another thing to try-turn your subjects around so the sun is at their back, then use your flash. You will get amazing results and no squinty eyes due to the bright sun!

Sunny days call for flash

2. Don't stay inside on cloudy days
Everyone can take photos on bright beautiful days, but your photos will really stand out if you take advantage of the diffused and subtle light that cloudy days offer. Cloudy days are nature's professional studio giving you nice soft light and no shadows. Overcast days also enhances reds, yellows and greens and these colors will look really striking when compared to a gray sky.

Don't stay inside on cloudy days

3. Capture the best light
Early morning sunrises and dusk often provide the best light for pictures. It's at these times of day that the sun provides the best lighting angles and lets you capture properly exposed highlights and shadows. Plus, the different light will make your shots much more vivid.

Capture the best light

4. Get a little closer
Whether you're trying to capture children at play or a flower in your garden, move in closer to get all the detail. It's like cropping your photos before you even get to your computer. If your camera has a macro setting, use that to get in super close and capture details your eye would miss. Also, when you get in close try tilting your camera. Diagonal lines or photos taken at an angle are more interesting to look at. It's how the pros do it.

Get a little closer

5. Shoot, shoot, shoot, and shoot some more
The more pictures you take, the better your chances are of capturing a truly stunning image. Increase your odds by taking tons and tons of photos. It's the joy of digital-you can just delete the ones you don't like. Here's another idea, take five or six consecutive photos with a 50% overlap. Then you can use Paint Shop Photo Album to stitch them together to create a panoramic picture-great for beach shots or summertime horizon shots. Another idea-when children are playing or taking part in a summertime activity, don't take just one shot of them posing for the camera. Take a series of five or six shots of them in action. It makes a great summertime story!

Shoot, shoot, shoot, and shoot some more

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