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Five Tips for Great Winter Photos

1. Be early...or late
Early morning photos against the snow supply the best light to show textures, vivid colors, frost, etc. No flash required! On the flip side of that, moonlight combined with snow makes for a romantic setting. Nature's reflectors in action!

1. Be early...or late

2. Fill Flash during the day
Don't be afraid to force fire your flash during the day, especially if people are the subjects of your photos. It will take care of shadows and underexposed images.

Fill Flash during the day

3. Protect your camera
A change in temperature can cause problems for your camera. Bring a plastic baggie or freezer bag with you and place your camera inside for the transition outside to inside. Let the condensation take place on the outside of the baggie, not on your lens or camera. Also, never breath or blow on your camera lens to clear condensation.

Keep Summer Memories from Fading

4. Charge those batteries!
Cold temperatures drain batteries in a hurry. Either bring a back up set (and keep it in a pocket to steal some body warmth) or head out with a fully charged set.

Charge those batteries!

5. Add a stop or two
If you're using a digital SLR, you have the ability to add a stop or two in order to make that white background look truly white once you are ready to print it. If you're using a point and shoot camera, you can fix all those snow photos using Paint Shop Pro Photo.

Add a stop or two

Now that you know the secrets to great winter photos, make sure you share them. We'd love to see them. Send us your winter pictures! You could win FREE software and be featured in an upcoming issue of Zoom In!
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