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The Smallest

I've been using Paint Shop Pro for a few years and have been extremely pleased with the fantastic effects I can create, and the quality of my work. This is one of my favorite photos of my son Zachary with his pet silk worm. I took this photo with my Canon 30D and edited it using Paint Shop Pro Photo XI. I used the crop tool, depth of field, sepia toning, and layered two photos, erasing parts of the top layer (sepia layer) so that the original color layer would come through in selected areas. This great effect only took a few minutes to create!
Christine Tonkin, Placerville, CA

Daughter in Pink

What I really like about Paint Shop Pro is there's always two ways to do something. There are the presets where you can just click and the work is done for you. Then there's the ability to go in and adjust everything to the way you want. It's really flexible."
Dianne Hambly, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Old Mill

I shot this photo last year in January with my D100 during a snow, and wasn't completely satisfied with it. I used Paint Shop Pro to clone out a car that was sitting in front of the mill, and then used the One Step Photo Fix to correct the color. Then I signed and dated it and used one of the frames to feather the edges. With Paint Shop Pro, I made a good shot better in many ways.
Gary W. Evans, Jamestown, NC


Paint Shop Pro Photo is just the perfect tool for scrapbookers. I use most every tool in there -- layers, brushes, photo correction - and enjoy trying new techniques and tools that I've not explored previously.
Glenda Swinford, Minneapolis, MN


By scrapbooking digitally with Paint Shop Pro Photo, all my stuff is right there. It's so easy. I use the Organizer a lot. I just type in cardboard and Paint Shop Pro Photo finds all my cardboard elements.
Glenda Swinford, Minneapolis, MN


This is my son Carson's favorite shirt, and Paint Shop Pro made it so easy to make this ordinary picture look amazing. I just duplicated the background, converted it to black and white, and then erased around the crab so the color would shine through.
Heather Lane, Waconia, MN


My absolute favorite feature is the Red Eye correction...especially because it does animal eyes so well. I am primarily an animal photographer and believe Paint Shop Pro's Red Eye correction is second to none.
Isabel Cutler, Hendersonville, NC

On the Breath of an Angel.

The thing that's so great about Paint Shop Pro is that anybody can really use it. I can show people who have never used it at all how to improve their photos in a few minutes.
Jennifer Reagles, Madison, WI

Orange Zinnia Blossom

All my pictures are processed using Paint Shop Pro and then turned into slide presentations. This allows me the flexibility to share what my friends and I see in the Arkansas outdoors. The original intent was to give presentations to outdoor and hiking clubs, but it has been well received by the local artist's associations, master gardeners, and camera clubs. After a presentation people always comment on what a really good camera I must have to take such great pictures. I always tell them that the computer and image editor have just as much impact on the creation of a good photograph as the camera.
Jerry Wilcoxen, Norfolk, AR

Girl in Leaves

When I first started, I didn't know how much I could do with Paint Shop Pro. On the Internet forums, people were always talking about photo editing. So I started experimenting. Now, every single photo I take goes through Paint Shop Pro. Everything I do for my photos, I do in Paint Shop Pro. Some photographers think they need a $600 photo editor, but they don't."
Jim Fuglestad, Minneapolis, MN

Wellfleet Harbor Sunset II

Enjoying Cape Cod in Massachusetts as much as I do, last fall I took my brand-new Nikon Coolpix 2500 along, my first digital camera. As the sun set over Wellfleet Harbor on our last evening there, the sky suddenly and magically turned this rosy hue before fading to deep dusk a few moments later. I had just enough time to take a few hand-held shots before the light faded. Paint Shop Pro really let the 'magic' out with its one-click color balance, saturation, and contrast controls!
John Jope, Wilmington, MA


This is a digital photo taken south of Sun Valley in Fairview, Idaho. The colors weren't quite to my liking so I tried working with it in Paint Shop Pro. I still wasn't quite happy with it until I found Virtual Painter. I pressed "paint" and I thought it looked amazing. I have a photography business here, "Photos by Ski," that I run on the side and I sell digital art and photography. This one is a really big favorite in this area. It's a big seller for me.
Joseph Zilinskis, Kuna, ID


I've downloaded trial versions of other programs, but Paint Shop Pro is more intuitive. It's just easier to learn, and though I have learned a lot of it, there’s still a whole lot that it's capable of that I haven't had a chance to explore yet.
Lee Hawkins, Petersburg, VA

Looks Like Love

I took this photo on a very windy and somewhat warm (for February) Valentine's Day. It sure says LOVE to me!
Leigh Barnes, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mother's Day Orchid

I have a butterfly garden and I use Paint Shop Pro to make note cards with photos of my flowers and give them to friends as gifts. I received this Orchid for Mother's Day and when I photographed it I put a gray poster board behind it so I would have a solid background. I used the magic wand to select the background and then did a flood fill of black. I think it gives a very striking effect. I printed this one up at 8x10 and framed it to hang in my home. I made a signature brush (you can see it at the bottom right) so that I can use it to sign all of my artwork.
Mary Ann Bozzetti Bradenton, FL

Gold Center

I took this in New York City after Christmas. Rockefeller Center during the holiday season always brings a smile to my face. I used Paint Shop Pro to desaturate the entire photo and leave the gold in the statue.
Michelle Lee Jenkins, Moscow, PA

Sand Castle

I bought Paint Shop Pro because of its attractive price, but I'm very impressed with its capabilities. It’s the perfect tool for the serious hobbyist.
Neil Chapel, Ypsilanti, MI

Sad Jessica

I used Paint Shop Pro to crop the image slightly to reduce some left-side "clutter" in the background, and I blurred what was left of the clutter to reduce it's visual impact. I also sharpened the left-hand side of my granddaughter's hood to de-emphasize the background. I sharpened her eyes very slightly in order to emphasize her incredible eyelashes! No color-correction was needed (a professional would probably disagree, but I'm no pro!).
Paul Fry, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Aimee & Tim

I made this image into a card for my daughter and her fiancée. We used a similar card and image to make an invitation to her engagement party. Then this “kiss” image was used to create a Thank You note. It was done in Corel Photo Paint. I outlined the bride and groom, de-saturated the image, and then made it sepia. I then tinted the flowers to make them a little more pink. I have a side business called I create cards, calendars and hardcover books for people. Sometimes I use their images; sometimes I take the photos for them.
Roni Chastain, Glen Cove, NY

Evan Blue Eyes

Paint Shop Pro has always been my favorite graphics editing program. I use it for everything from designing my line of printable craft projects to having fun with my personal photos. This is a picture of my three-year-old son Evan. I took this photo this past fall on our family vacation to the U.P. of Michigan. This was taken at Kit-chi-ti-kipi Big Springs. There is a stump just before the spring and Evan was playing on it. He got down into this pose with NO prompting (yes, a rare photographic miracle!) and Mommy was lightening fast with the snapping! I ran this through Paint Shop Pro, selecting only his eyes, inverting the selection and making the rest of the picture black and white. The blue is his natural eye color.
Stacey Thomas, Sheboygan, WI

Vintage Ala Mode

Here is an example of what Paint Shop Pro does for me. I really LOVE this software! For this photo I added a sepia effect, some text, and a picture frame. I often use the One Step Photo Fix, because it adds such depth and drama to my photos!
Tamara Burross, Fort Worth, TX
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