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October 2004

The Painter Canvas is an inspirational new monthly electronic newsletter exclusively for our Painter community.

Corel Painter IX In this month's feature article, Painter guru John Derry introduces you to Corel® Painter IX—the innovative new Painter release that lets your natural style shine through. In future articles, John will discuss some of the issues that affect digital artists today, highlight various tools, focus on specific applications and deliver a few inside tricks.

So, hop on board. See what's new. And look forward to creative things to come.

by John Derry

Painter's evolution has brought us all here on a new journey down the creative highway known as IX. This is the place for All Things Painter. I'm here to act as your guide, to help point you in the right direction. Read more >>

Test drive the all new Corel® Painter™ IX
By Don Seegmiller

In this first feature tutorial of the all-new Painter Canvas, Don Seegmiller will give you brief tour of Corel® Painter™ IX and introduce you to just a few of the new features in this latest incarnation of the finest digital painting program available at any price. Read more >>

The Artists' Oils Painting system: a milestone in the evolution of digital art
Come and explore this new painting system that enables you to apply paint blends created in the Mixer directly onto images in your document window. Watch as your brush strokes interact with paint already on your canvas—just as they would in real life. Find out more >>

Make Corel® Painter™ IX work for you

Optimizing Painter
Corel® Painter™ IX is faster than ever—but there are still ways to optimize your individual Painter experience. This month we’ve compiled a collection of tips to help you do just that

Customizing Painter
We’re also including a tip to help you make Corel® Painter™ IX really work for you. Save time by assigning your favorite commands to keys on your keyboard for immediate access.

Read the Tips >>

The Cat with the Fresh Hat: Corel Painter Makes the Most of its 9th Life

“Painter IX is the best version yet, by far.”

“Corel has brought Painter IX a long way.”

“Painter IX is the closest version yet to working with traditional paints and brushes.”


The Sistine Chapel—by Corel® Painter™
Ever wondered what the Sistine Chapel might have looked like if Michelangelo had been a sports fan with access to Corel® Painter™? Now you can find out. To commemorate the 50th birthday of Sports Illustrated, Jeff Wong used Corel Painter to repaint the Sistine Chapel sports style. Check it out >>

The Macworld Conference & Expo Digital Art Contest is now accepting entries for its 7th Annual Digital Art Contest

Checkout the latest on Painter Master Philip Straub

Helen Yancy: Artist and photographer with focus
Helen Yancy believes her profession chose her. She might be right. She also says that Corel® Painter™ set her free.

In this Master Profile, Helen invites you into her world and shares how Painter has allowed her to be an impressionist, a realist and an abstractionist—all at the same time. Read more >>

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Jumpstart your creativity
Every month we're going to feature some innovative and inspirational Painter resources and links.

This month, check out the creations of some of the best professional digital artists and members, and see what the pros are doing with Painter.

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