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January 2005

The Painter Canvas is an inspirational new monthly electronic newsletter exclusively for our Painter community.

Corel Painter IX
Through the Looking-Glass with Corel® Painter™ IX
by John Derry

In Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass, Alice discovers a magical place in which neither logic nor the laws of physics seem to apply. Just as Alice's looking-glass transported her into a distinctly nontraditional world, in this month's feature article John shows you how Corel® Painter™ IX can help you to transcend the limits of traditional art-making tools in interesting ways. Read on >>

Painter IX Quick Clone Feature
By Don Seegmiller

Corel® Painter™ has long had an extraordinary and diverse set of brushes known as Cloners. These brushes can be used for everything from correcting flaws to painting a section of one image into another. You can even use them to take an existing image or photograph and transform it into something entirely new. But, before you start, there are a few basic steps you need to follow. Read on >>

Get Picture Perfect Photos with Paint Shop Pro
In the December 2004 issue of Painter Canvas, John Derry talked about how you could Painter your photographs. But, before you get your photos into Painter, you'll want to make sure they're absolutely perfect. You can get your photos ready with Paint Shop Pro! We'll show you how >>

Creating and using paper textures in Corel® Painter™ IX
In the real world, a marking tool will deliver different results depending on the texture of the surface to which it's applied. Corel® Painter™ IX enables you to control the texture of the canvas to achieve the same results you'd get from natural media. You can mimic pencil on watercolor paper, felt pens on cotton paper, chalk on the sidewalk, and many more. Read on >>

Using Corel® Painter™ IX with Adobe® Photoshop®
by Gordon J. Roberts
With Corel® Painter™ IX it's easier than ever to design artwork using both Adobe® Photoshop® and Corel Painter. For example, you can open and work with Adobe Photoshop files to add brush strokes, tints and paper textures. Corel Painter IX even supports the use of Adobe Photoshop plug-ins. And, once you've finished, you can save to the Adobe Photoshop file format. Read on >>

David Nagel's Worm 1 Brush
A unique custom variant, this fun brush can be used to create many interesting effects. If you use a pressure sensitive tablet and pen, you can use the brush for small sketchy lines or large blobs of ink.

Check out David Nagel's Corel® Painter™ resources at

Have you developed a unique Painter brush? Would you like to share your brush with other Painter users? Email it to us:

“Corel Painter IX, the fastest, most efficient and powerful version of Painter yet released, is a “must have” tool for everyone working with digital fine art images.”

“Painter IX is better than ever.”

“Painter IX is definitely an upgrade (or a new program) worth having.”

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See what's hot and happening in the Corel community. This month:
You can check out the new Robert Chang painting and some cool Corel® Painter™ IX tips and tricks at
Or preview the 2005 North American International Auto Show 2005 at

January is a great time to learn some new artistic techniques, so why not sign up for one of these great Corel courses and start your New Year off right.
Karen Sperling's Artistry Retreats
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Jeremy Sutton's Painter Panache and Master Classes
Enjoy these acclaimed classes on February 7 - 11 or March 14 - 18, 2005 at The Pickwick Hotel in San Francisco.

Michael Bast, self-employed illustrator
A self-taught artist, Michael found his style and talents were particularly suited to product design. Luckily, others agreed and he's built a thriving client base that includes Hidden Valley Salad Dressings. The next time you see the stylized valley scene on a Hidden Valley dressing bottle, think of Michael.

Read on >>

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Jumpstart your creativity
This month, we have some wonderful resources that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Choose from:
NOW AVAILABLE the official Getting Started with Painter IX by John Derry and Tanya Staples, and produced by
Jeremy Sutton's Painter IX Simplified for Photographers DVD Tutorial Series
Jeremy Sutton's Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artist's Handbook Launches Corel Painter Contest!
Starting January 14th, invites digital artists to submit a masterpiece created using Corel Painter for great prizes. The grand prize includes Corel Painter IX and a new Wacom Intuos3 tablet. Award winners will be announced on March 15th. For more details visit the “I Love Painting” contest at

Finally, cast your vote for your favorite concept cars in the 3rd Peugeot Design Competition.

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