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April 2005

The Painter Canvas is an inspirational monthly electronic newsletter exclusively for our Painter community.

Corel Painter IX
Help! I'm Lost!
by John Derry

A couple of years ago I purchased a handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, a device that can tell me within a few meters where I am on the globe—so I never get lost. Did you know Corel® Painter™ has a built-in GPS of sorts? It's Painter's Help capability. With just a few clicks, Help's powerful and robust features can provide you with all the directions you need to get on your creative way. Read on >>

Snap-to-path painting
By Don Seegmiller

The Corel Painter IX snap-to-path painting feature enables you to paint precise brush strokes along a path or shape simply by clicking a button on the brush property bar or by setting up a keyboard shortcut. Find out more >>

Paint Shop Pro Saves You Time and Money
Back in the days before digital camera and image editors like Paint Shop Pro, cropping photos was a huge ordeal. You had to take your photos to the store and have them cropped by someone else. Not only did you have to waste your time, you also had to spend money! But not anymore, with Paint Shop Pro, cropping to standard photo sizes is a breeze.

Turning brushes into cloners
In Corel Painter IX, the brush variants in the Cloners category behave like other brushes, except that they pick up color from a clone source instead of the Colors palette. These variants recreate source imagery while effectively filtering it, reproducing the image in an artistic style, such as pastel chalk or watercolor. Read on >>

Using Iterative Save
The Iterative Save feature in Corel Painter IX lets you easily save variations of a work in progress—saving you valuable time and preventing you from losing elements of your artwork. Read on >>

Sutton's SumiPollock Splash brush
Jeremy Sutton created his SumiPollock Splash using a customization process he describes in Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artist's Handbook. A variation of one of Painter's Sumi brushes, the SumiPollock Splash brush bunches at the ends of the stroke to give an effect that's reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's splash paintings.

Have you developed a unique Painter brush? Would you like to share your brush with other Painter users? Email it to us:

IF Magazine launches Corel Painter Contest for Toy Designers!
IF Magazine has teamed with Shuttle and Corel Painter IX to launch five aspiring toy designers' careers by manufacturing, promoting and distributing their winning toy designs worldwide. The contest runs from May 1 to July 1, 2005. Find out more >>

For a limited time, download the Painter IX trial version through IF Magazine's Web site and get 30% off a yearly subscription! Download now >>

Painter Master Fay Sirkis honored by Peachpit and NAPP
Peachpit and NAPP recently recognized Fay Sirkis as a world-class instructor and industry influencer in the digital imaging community. For more information on Fay Sikris and to see how see uses Corel Painter IX, visit >>

Thank you to Painter instructors and presenters
Between WPPI in Las Vegas and Impact 2005 in Calgary, it's been a very busy month for Painter in the Professional Photography community. Special thanks to these expert instructors for a job well done:
Jeremy Sutton
Maura Dutra and Bruce Dorn
Marilyn Sholin
Louise and Jospeh Simone
Helen Yancy
Darton Drake
Nancy Mickle

Read more reviews >>

Here's a glance at what's hot and happening in the Corel community:

Congratulations to Andrea Leonard, first-place winner of the Renderosity "I Love Painting" contest. Check out all the winners at >>
Nick Anderson, chief editorial cartoonist at the Louisville Courier-Journal was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning for his portfolio of 20 cartoons—all of which were created in Corel Painter. Read more >>
Renderosity and AAPPL open "Call to Artists" for new digital art book. Find out more at >>
Read the exclusive Cg Underground interview with Painter Master and co-founder, Andrew Jones. Read now >>

Following is a list of events scheduled for March.
Experience Corel Painter IX.5 - at your neighborhood Apple Store
Drop by your neighborhood Apple Store in April to see Painter IX demonstrated Painter Masters from across the country.
Learn how to transform photographs into paintings with Corel Painter! Join expert Jane Conner-ziser in one of her upcoming cross-country sessions. Read more >>
Leader in Virtual Studies (LVS) is pleased to offer Painter IX introductory courses. Read more >>
Find a Painter class near you. Visit for a complete list of Painter instructors. Read more >>
Attention all Painter instructors Take advantage of our NEW Corel Painter Training Partner Program Bundle. Learn more >>

Marilyn Sholin, portrait artist
Marilyn Sholin got her start as a portrait artist more than 25 years ago when she borrowed a 35 mm camera from her older brother. Today she continues to use her talent to create portrait masterpieces, but in a different medium—through Painter's unique natural media software Read on >>

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We have some wonderful resources to help you get creative this month.
It's Almost Here!
Cher Threinen- Pendarvis' much anticipated Painter IX Wow! Book will be shipping soon. Read the preview of this much anticipated book
Now Shipping! Jeremy Sutton's Painter IX Creativity
A comprehensive, creative and full-color guide to help you get creative with Corel Painter IX.
For a complete list of Corel Painter training resources, visit
Check out Karen Sperling's new Artistry Painting for Photographers tutorials.

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