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May 2005

The Painter Canvas is an inspirational monthly electronic newsletter exclusively for our Painter community.

Corel Painter IX
Six Degrees of Expression
by John Derry

In 1985, when I started working in the paint software development business, the technology was nascent to say the least. The difference between the tools named Pen and Brush were that the pen drew a continuous one-pixel line and the brush rendered large circles that separated into individual elements if you drew too fast. Thankfully, things have changed for the better since the mid-eighties-thanks to Corel Painter and Wacom. Read the full story >>

The Art of Cross Hatching
By Jeremy Sutton

Cross hatching-the use of repeated thin lines that intersect and cross over each other at various angles-is typically used in pencil and ink drawings to represent shadows. This tutorial shares how I applied cross hatching to sculpting form and mixing color in a portrait I created in Corel Painter IX. Find out more >>

Creating a custom blender brush
Did you know that you could customize Corel Painter IX brushes to suit your specific needs? Many artists make adjustments to Corel Painter brush variants to achieve just the right effects for their masterpieces. Find out more >>

Loading multiple colors
Brushes normally interact with previously applied colors by sampling underlying pixels and then loading the brush with one new color. With the Brush Loading feature in Corel Painter IX, brushes can literally "pick up" existing colors, hair by hair. This capability offers truer color interaction, astounding color variations, and better cloning results. Read on >>

Have you developed a unique Painter brush? Would you like to share your brush with other Painter users? Email it to us:

Corel Painter IX Spotlight Plugin for Mac OS X Tiger
Corel Painter IX has a great new plugin that supports Spotlight, the powerful new search technology introduced in Mac OS X Tiger. Using the power of Spotlight, Corel Painter IX customers using Mac OS X Tiger can quickly search their Painter files (.RIFF) and find exactly what they're looking for within seconds. Find out more >>

Corel Painter IX Art Pen Brush Pack and Wacom® 6D Art Pen deliver a new digital art experience
In April, Corel introduced the Corel Painter IX Art Pen Brush Pack, a collection of new Corel Painter IX brushes that take advantage of the new Wacom® 6D Art Pen to provide a heightened level of realism in digital art. Read the full story and download the free Art Pen Brush Pack >>

Rangefinder Rangefinder Magazine features Fay Sirkis
This month, Rangefinder, a premier monthly magazine for professional photographers, profiles Master Portrait Artist Fay Sirkis. Read more >>

Shutterbug focuses on Marilyn Sholin
Marilyn Sholin and Corel Painter are featured in a recent issue of Shutterbug. Check out the full story >>

IF Magazine launches Corel Painter Contest for Toy Designers
IF Magazine has teamed with Shuttle and Corel Painter IX to launch five aspiring toy designers' careers by manufacturing, promoting and distributing their winning toy designs worldwide.

The contest runs from May 1 to July 1, 2005. Find out more >>

For a limited time, download the Painter IX trial version through IF Magazine's Web site and get 55% off a one-year subscription or 40% off the first year and get the second year for free! Download now >>

Read more reviews >>

Here's a glance at what's hot and happening in the Corel community:
Experience Corel Painter at the Mac Design Conference, June 21-23, in Tampa. Read more >>
Come visit the Corel Painter booth June 27-29 at North America's most prestigious event for professional illustrators. Register today to attend ICON3: The Illustration Conference. Read more >>
Explore American Photographic Artists Guild (APAG)—an amazing organization of professional photographers, artists, and Painter gurus. Read more >>
Read an all-new CG Channel interview with monster master Carlos Huante. Read more >>
CG Society is the ideal resource for digital artists in film, animation, video games, concept design, and visualization. Find out more >>
Marilyn Sholin has launched a new Painter Forum: featuring art galleries, Painter tutorials, and user commentary. A great resource to learn professional tips for using Painter to create fine art and transform photographs into paintings. Find out more >>

Following is a list of events scheduled for May.
CGNetowork's new online training workshop-a unique opportunity to study concept art with Painter Master (and Electronic Arts Art Director) Philip Straub. Learn more >>
Sign up for Jeremy Sutton's Move to the Groove Art Show & Dance Party-an exciting, unique blend of art, dance and music. Learn more >>
Study Corel Painter at Montecito Fine Arts School in California. Learn more >>
Find a Painter class near you. Visit the Corel Painter IX site for a complete list of Painter instructors.
Attention all Painter instructors-an opportunity to advantage of our new Corel Painter Training Partner Program Bundle. Learn more >>

Stewart McKissick, Professor of Illustration, freelance illustrator
More than a decade ago, Stewart McKissick claimed that the kind of work he liked to do “traditionally” with watercolor and acrylics could never be done on the computer.

When the Dean at Columbus College of Art & Design showed Corel Painter to McKissick, the nationally published illustrator turned from skeptic to believer-virtually overnight. Find out more >>

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We have some wonderful resources to help you get creative this month.
Learn how to paint faces from photographs. Read the Corel Painter IX tutorial, written by Karen Sperling, in the May issue of Rangefinder Magazine. Learn more >>
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Cher Threinen- Pendarvis' much- anticipated Painter IX Wow! Book is now shipping. Order it today
d'Artiste: Digital Painting by Ballistic Publishing is breathtaking and inspiring. Featuring full color art by Painter Masters including Robert Chang and Philip Straub, this high-quality publication will be a great addition to your library. Find out more >>

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