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September 2005

The Painter Canvas is an inspirational monthly electronic newsletter exclusively for our Painter community.

Corel Painter IX
There's a Party in Your Computer and You're Invited!
by John Derry

I'm both thrilled and honored to have been selected by Corel to act as Ambassador-at-large for all things Painter. In this role, I have the enviable task of traveling the online world to seek out virtual congregations of Corel Painter users.

Generally, the artists that I encounter online can be categorized into three groups: neophyte, intermediate users and advanced professional artists. Whatever your level of Painter expertise or area of interest, there is an online watering hole awaiting your participation. Read on to find out full story >>

Painting using the Artists' Oils and the Mixer
By Cher Pendarvis

With the Artists' Oils in Painter IX, Painter emulates the feel of traditional media more realistically than ever before!

In this tutorial, I discuss a few of my favorite Artists' Oils features. Find out more >>

Adding impasto to a brush
Impasto is the classic technique of applying thick paint on a canvas to create depth. In Painter IX, impasto refers to the brush feature that allows brushes to paint with the illusion of depth. You can use impasto with different brushes to simulate different types of natural media, such as thick oil paint or chalk with texture. Find out how >>

Understanding layers
Imagine being able to paint each element of your composition on a different canvas, and then combining only the elements you want in the way you want them. Painter gives you exactly this kind of freedom when you use layers in your painting. Learn more >>

Featured Editorial
It's Easy to be Amazing - You can do it in 5 easy steps with the NEW Corel® Paint Shop Pro® X!

Everyone has photos that would be absolutely perfect if it weren't for just one minor flaw. With NEW Paint Shop Pro X you can easily remedy the five most common problems that plague digital photos. Here, we'll show you how.


Crop Your Photos
Cropping is the quickest way to improve a photo. With Paint Shop Pro X, you can take a photo that has a bunch of distractions and turn into a stunning image with a distinct subject.

Read the other four tips to see how you can create amazing photos >>

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Karen Sperling's Q&A
Each month, Painter expert Karen Sperling answers a question from one of our Painter Canvas readers. Here's June's question.

I heard that Corel Painter IX has the ability to automatically turn photographs into paintings. How does this work?

You can clone photographs into paintings in Corel Painter IX after you adjust a few settings. After that, the process is automatic! Read on >>

Do you have a Painter question for Karen? Email us at

Have you developed a unique Painter brush? Would you like to share your brush with other Painter users? Email it to us:

Here's a glance at what's hot and happening in the Corel community:
Call for entries! Ballistic publishing is proud to announce its next book title, PAINTER. The book will showcase some of the world's finest Corel Painter creations. Think you have what it takes to be published in this amazing book? Find out more >>

Listen to Painter Master Jeremy Sutton discuss Corel Painter IX and Wacom pen tablets on Photo Talk Radio. More >>

IF Magazine and Corel give you two great ways to prepare for the holidays:

Subscribe to IF and get a limited edition of the international bestseller IF Holiday Buying Guide for FREE; or pre-order the Holiday Buying Guide at half price and get a FREE gift from IF. Find out more >>

Following is a list of events scheduled for September.
Ultimate Painter Wow! Workshop - Two Days with Two Painter Masters: Cher Pendarvis and John Derry
October 28-29, San Diego, CA. Are you looking to advance your Painter skills to a new level? Join Cher and John, the premier Painter experts, for the ultimate immersion in Painter knowledge. Find out more >>
Learn Painter with Jane Conner-ziser in London, UK, on October 16-22. Find out more >>
Painter Workshop with Carol Benioff. October 9, Berkeley, CA. For details, call 510-549-2977 or visit (click on 'Classes').
Marilyn Sholin hosts two new two-day Painter workshops. Palm Springs and Salt Lake City. For more information, call 1.305.794.3343 or find out more >>
'Painter IX Workshop' with Fay Sirkis. September 26-28, San Jose, CA. Find out more or email Fay >>
IDC Photography presents 'Shootin' and Paintin' Workshop'. September 19-22, Jackson Hole, WY. Find out more >>
Past PPA President Helen Yancy teaches Corel Painter IX for Photographers. October 30 to November 2, Deep Creek, MD. Email >>
Jeremy Sutton classes in San Francisco, CA:
• Panache Intro Class, November 7-11 >> FULL
• Collage, November 6-10, 2006
• Painter Panache Master Series Classes, San Francisco
  February 27 - March 3, 2006, "Going for it with Color!"
  March 6 - 10, 2006, "Exploring the Power of Series"
  Find out more >>
Karen Sperling Artistry Retreats. One- and two-day intensive Painter lessons. September 20-22 and October 18-20, Tarzana, CA. Find out more >>

Karen Sperling's Artistry Tips and Tricks newsletter is a must read for Painter novices and experts alike! Learn more >>

For a limited time, save $40 on Volume One and Volume Two of Marilyn Sholin's Painter Tutorials—and get FREE shipping.
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Cher Pendarvis, Artist, Author, Teacher
Avid surfer Cher Pendarvis is also riding waves of another kind these days—the waves of success.

Not only is Cher an accomplished teacher and world-recognized artist, she's also an award-winning author and writer of two amazing books about Corel Painter.

Read the full story >>

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