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April 2006

The Painter Canvas is an inspirational monthly electronic newsletter exclusively for our Painter community.

Corel Painter IX.5
With John Derry

Learning from the judges
Recently, I had the honor of participating on the selection panel for Ballistic Publishing's recent publication, PAINTER - The World's Finest Painter Art, a showcase of the world's best Corel® Painter™ art. Whenever it's possible for me to attend a show's opening, I use the opportunity to chat with the juried artists. A topic of conversation that invariably comes up is "What do you look for in a winning piece?" Read more >>

Changing brushes while using the Photo Painting Palettes
The Photo Painting Palettes in Corel Painter IX.5 offer a variety of brushes for creating digital art from your photos. Use the Bristle Brush Cloner, which is the default brush variant, or choose another from the Cloners brush category. In addition, any brush that applies media can be used as a cloner.

Learn more >>

Corel Painter Wow! Tips with Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

Photo retouching and enhancing with ease and finesse
By Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

In this Painter Wow! tip, we will use updated retouching tools in Corel Painter IX.5-specifically, the Clone tool and the Rubber Stamp tool-along with special brushes from the photo brush category to repair and add finesse to the photograph.

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Creating a collage of my dad
By Jeremy Sutton

The collage shown here is a painting I did of my dad, Maurice Sutton, who sadly passed away when I moved to America in 1988. The creative process that led to the collage started in 2003 when I was working on my most recent book, Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artist's Handbook. Learn more >>

Custom rendering with a Parisian flair
Pascal Sibertin's custom Corel Painter brush offers a uniquely realistic rendering, with superb color and texture characteristics. Sibertin prefers a "dirty" pencil and aquarelle look—and loves to use French paper with his brush. A Parisian graphic artist and illustrator, Sibertin has extensive experience with Corel Painter IX, and served as a beta tester when Corel was developing the software. Download it now >>

Have you developed a unique Painter brush? Other Corel Painter users would love to see it! Share your brush by emailing it to us:

Turn photos into paintings
Did you know that GeeGuides offers exclusive Corel Painter tutorials designed for kids? These fun, animated lessons will help you—and your kids—learn to turn photos into paintings. Check them out! >>
Paint enchanting forests
DigArts has released new illustrated tutorials on how to paint forests using new Winter Trees and Jungle DVD products. The step-by-step tutorials include free nozzles and brushes. Learn more >>

Here's a glance at what's hot and happening in the Corel community:

Photo Art Masters—step forward and win some great prizes!
To celebrate the launch of the new Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Art Suite, Corel has partnered with Shutterbug Magazine to find Photo Art Masters who can turn their own photos into striking paintings! The suite offers Corel Paint Shop Pro X, Corel Photo Album 6 and Corel Painter Essentials 3 to give digital photographers powerful new tools to explore their creativity. Contest prizes include a Nikon D200 Digital SLR with 18-70mm lens and 2GB memory card, a Canon Powershot S2 IS with 1GB memory card, and a $200 USD gift certificate from Amazon.

To enter, use the tools in the Photo Art Suite to turn your original photo into a painting, then submit the original photo and painting to us. Don't have a copy of the Photo Art Suite yet? Try it for free by downloading trial versions of the included applications! Learn more >>

EXOTIQUE and PAINTER exclusive limited-editions prints
Ballistic Publishing is offering a bonus set of limited-edition prints with the first 500 leather-bound, special-edition copies of PAINTER and EXOTIQUE. These exquisite books are beautifully crafted, featuring black leather-bound covers and metallic embossing. Learn more >>

Jeremy Sutton's portrait of Nina Simone
Kim Nalley, owner of the Jazz at Pearls club in San Francisco, recently exhibited a stunning Jeremy Sutton portrait of Nina Simone. Entitled Mississippi Goddamn, Sutton's portrait was created in Corel Painter, combining paint and photographic imagery, then printed on canvas and completed with the addition of traditional paint. Read more >>

Karen Sperling class:
May 9 to 11, learn Corel Painter IX.5 at a new Artistry Corel Painter retreat. Learn more.
Helen Yancy workshop: Learn Corel Painter IX.5 from Helen Yancy. Learn more.
Great Lakes Institute of Photography: June 11-16, Traverse City, Michigan, Learn more.
New York Photographic Workshops: July 16-22 contact Lois Miller.
Exotic Painter training: Combine Corel Painter hands-on training, beach strolling, sightseeing, great food and shopping at the Punta del Este resort in Uruguay. contact to learn more.
Marilyn Sholin classes:
Learn Corel Painter IX.5. Learn more.
June 6 to 19, Marilyn will be in England teaching Painter for the SWPP. Learn more.
Florida Professional Photographers School classes: May 20 to 25. Learn more.
Massive Black and June 9-12, Montreal, Canada. Dan Milligan, Andrew Jones and Jason Manley will be there along with some of the best artistic talent in the concept art world. Learn more.

Dennis Orlando, digital fine artist/painter
“Everytime a new version of Corel Painter is released, I'm like a kid in a toy store; I know I'm going to need days to just play!”

Dennis Orlando is an artist through and through; since high school, he's known that producing works of art is his calling. After he discovered Corel Painter in 1991, digital art became his passion. In his opinion, Corel Painter is the only choice for digital artists. As he says, "nothing else works like Painter."

Read the full story >>

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Learn how to transform photos into beautiful art with these helpful resources.

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Karen Sperling has just released a new Artistry Tips and Tricks CD: Year 2, The First Six Months.
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