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September 2006

The Painter Canvas is an inspirational monthly electronic newsletter exclusively for our Painter community.

Corel Painter IX.5
With John Derry

Go digital and increase your output
When traditional artists discover Corel® Painter™ IX.5, many are amazed by how quickly they can work. What took days with traditional tools can be accomplished in a matter of hours on a digital canvas. Here are some ways I've learned to work even more efficiently with Corel Painter IX.5! Read more >>

Using the Liquid Metal plugin
By the Corel Documentation team

Set your art apart! Generate astonishing metallic and glass-like effects using the Liquid Metal dynamic plugin tool in Corel Painter IX.5. With the click of a button you can add liquid metal or translucent, refractive liquid to your images in circles or strokes.

Learn more >>

Using a Wacom® Pen Tablet with Corel Painter IX.5
By the Corel Documentation team

Step away from your keyboard! Corel® Painter™ IX.5 supports the Wacom® Intuos®3 and the entire Wacom tablet product line. Use the tablet's touch strips to control brush size, zooming, and many other functions. Customize your Intuos tablet to meet your needs for pressure sensitivity.

Learn more >>

Corel Painter Wow! Tips with Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

Tonal control and color enhancement
By Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

Learn how to use the unique effects in Corel Painter IX.5 to make creative modifications to the hue and tones in an image—quickly and easily!

Learn more >>

Creative composition
By Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

Composition is critical to your artwork; done well, a composition can make your work visually thrilling. In this tutorial, I'll review some key composition concepts and demonstrate them on studies and final paintings. Read on and you'll learn how to better use your artist's eye and intuition to create dynamite pieces!

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Have you developed a unique Painter brush? Would you like to share your brush with other Painter users? Email it to us:

Check out the Brush of the Month Archives >>

Communication Arts reviews Corel Painter IX.5 in its August issue saying "...there is nothing quite like Painter for working with photos or original art."

Reprinted with permission by Communication Arts, 2006 Coyne & Blanchard,
Inc. All rights reserved. Originally published in Communication Arts
July 2006 Illustration Annual.

Here's a glance at what's hot and happening in the Corel community:

Prize Winner!
Congratulations to Eric L. Hunt on winning the Ultimate Artist Package at SIGGRAPH 2006. Eric is now enjoying a Dell Precision™ 390 workstation and monitor, Corel® Painter™ IX.5, and a Wacom® Intuos3 tablet.

CG Challenge:
The CG Challenges are the largest online art contests of their kind. Artists are challenged to create outstanding artworks based upon set themes while showing their work-in-progress to the community. Congratulations to Daryl Mandryk for being the 2D Grand Prize Winner! Click here to view his artwork.

Jane Conner-ziser:
Choose your favorite date and location to join Jane for full-day workshops of Adobe® Photoshop® and Corel® Painter™ IX.5 with the Software Cinema! Jane's schedule is updated frequently at
October 17: Long Island, NY. Email to learn more.
October 19: Boston, MA. Email to learn more.
October 21: Sarasota, FL. Email to learn more.
November 13 to 17: Ormond Beach, FL. Email to learn more.
November 19 to 21: Grottmare, Italy. Email to learn more.

Marilyn Sholin:
October 22 to 26: Austin, TX. Come get a Double Dose of Divas! Learn photography, marketing, sales and Corel Painter IX.5—all in one week-long workshop! Learn more.

October 27: Austin, TX. Join Marilyn's one-day advanced Corel Painter IX.5 course. Special price: $119 includes lunch. Limited seating. Sign up now! Learn more.

November 2 and 3: Sarasota, FL. Come join Marilyn's two-day Corel Painter IX.5 workshop at the Digital Technology Centre. Learn more.

November 13 and 14: Palm Springs, CA. Another two-day Corel Painter IX.5 workshop with Marilyn! Learn more.

January 12: London, UK. Come to the SWPP & BPPA Convention 2007 and let Marilyn show you how to make paintings of your portrait photographs! Learn more or go to

Fay Sirkis:
October 23 to 26: Las Vegas, NV. Introducing the next level in Fay's photo painting workshops! Paint Like a Master at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Space is limited so register early! Email to learn more.

Jeremy Sutton:
October 14 to 16: San Francisco, CA. Come visit Jeremy Sutton's Open Studio. Jeremy will show some of his new Corel Painter IX.5 works including "Remembrance," a powerful tribute to 9/11. Learn more.

October 27: San Francisco, CA. Jeremy will exhibit his renowned San Francisco Bay Area Women of Style Corel Painter IX.5 portrait series in the Nordstrom Couture Department. Don't miss it! Learn more.

October 16 to 19, and December 4 to 8: San Francisco, CA. Join Jeremy's Painter Creativity class! Learn Corel Painter IX.5 techniques mixed with Jeremy's special "Creativity Boost" in this four-day class on how to paint creatively and fearlessly from photos. Learn more.

November 6 to 10, and December 4 to 8: San Francisco, CA. Learn Jeremy's artistic secrets through his course The Power of Collage-Telling Evocative Stories that Transcend Time and Space. Learn more.

New Tutorial! Learn how to apply the Corel Painter IX.5 auto-painting feature. Create an organic, painterly background from a photo. Learn more.

Helen Yancy:
New date! November 2 to 5: Deep Creek, MD. Helen's class is geared to all skill levels—beginner to fine portraiture! Email to learn more.

Karen Sperling:
October 17 to 19: Tarzana, CA. Calling all Photographers! Painting is not just for artists anymore. Learn the Corel Painter IX.5 steps and art concepts you need to know to turn photos into paintings. Learn more.

Karen Sperling and Laurence Gartel have created four sets of Artistry Backdrops for Photographs that give portrait photographers quick and easy solutions for adding painterly effects to their photographs. Learn more.

Paint Like John Singer Sargent! Read the September 2006 Artistry Tips and Tricks and find out the Painter steps and art concepts for turning photos into paintings in the style of John Singer Sargent. Learn more.

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Mike Reed, Illustrator
What does Mike think of Corel Painter IX.5? Well, he uses it nearly every day in his professional and private work, he evangelizes about it to his artist friends, he has worked on the beta team for the software's last three versions, and he uses it as a key component of his course curriculum.

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