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  “Brush of the Month” Download

KOME's Hex Crystal

(Download the zip file - 317 KB)

Instructions for Download:
To use the Brush of the Month in Corel® Painter™ IX, you must copy the .xml and any accompanying files to the Brush category of your choosing. Brush categories can be found at the following locations:

Windows®: C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Painter IX\Brushes\Painter Brushes

Macintosh®: Applications/Corel Painter IX/Brushes/Painter Brushes

For example, if you'd like Brush of the Month to appear under the Pencils Brush category, copy the Brush of the Month .xml file to the Corel Painter IX/Brushes/Painter Brushes/Pencils/ folder. The next time you launch Corel Painter IX, the new brush variant will be available from the Brush Selector Bar in the Brush category called Pencils.


NOV 2005
Cher Threinen-Pendarvis's Wet Acrylic brush
Cher Threinen-Pendarvis's Wet Acrylic brush is one with fairly coarse bristles. Using it, you can lay down new paint and then blend it with existing paint. (Download the zip file - 3 KB)

AUG 2005
Henry Ståhle Pensel brush
From his seaside cottage in Sweden, Henry Ståhle creates breathtaking landscapes using a brush he invented using Painter. (Download the zip file - 2 KB)

APR 2005
Sutton's SumiPollock Splash brush
Jeremy Sutton created his SumiPollock Splash using a customization process he describes in Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artist's Handbook. A variation of one of Painter's Sumi brushes, the SumiPollock Splash brush bunches at the ends of the stroke to give an effect that's reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's splash paintings. (Download the zip file - 2 KB)

FEB 2005
Roberto Ramirez's Juicylicious Brush
Roberto needed a brush that was quick and could blend and apply the colors at the same time. He started with a Blender brush, eventually coming up with something that allowed him to create really wet and juicy, loose looking piece of art. Roberto suggests trying it with varying amounts Resat and Opacity to get a truly "Juicylicious" feel. (Download the zip file - 2 KB)

JAN 2005
David Nagel's Worm 1 Brush
A unique custom variant, this fun brush can be used to create many interesting effects. If you use a pressure sensitive tablet and pen, you can even use the brush for small sketchy lines or large blobs of ink. (Download the zip file - 2 KB)

DEC 2004
Painter Master Karen Sperling's Grass Brush
With Karen Sperling's grass brush, you can paint realistic fields of grass every time. Adjust the size slider in the Property Bar to get individual blades of grass of differing heights. (Download the zip file - 49 KB)

NOV 2004
Painter Master Jeremy Sutton's Grainy Sketcher
A custom variant based on the Calligraphy > Thin Grainy Pen 10, this brush gives the look of an ink-filled quill pen on grainy paper. As with an authentic quill pen, this brush releases its ink irregularly as it moves, welling up at the beginning and end of each stroke. (Download the zip file - 2 KB)

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