Corel PaintShop Photo Ultimate X3

PaintShop Photo® Pro X3 Ultimate

High value photo editing software

  • New Camera RAW editing
  • New photo editing tools
  • Bonus photo painting software
  • Bonus software from
  • $79.99


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New photo editing tools and bonus creative software!

Version X3 is a must-have upgrade for existing PaintShop users and photo enthusiasts! The fastest version yet, this professional-quality photo editing software offers exciting new features, such as the Smart Carver™, new Camera RAW image editing, easy batch processing and a photo organizer.

Plus, this Ultimate edition adds photo-painting software and creative photo filters to PaintShop Photo Pro X3. And when you purchase it from, you get WinZip® 14.5 Pro and a photo lighting application for free! Speed up your entire workflow and get the best-quality results with this high-performance package.

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  • New Camera RAW editing

    The new Camera RAW lab makes it easier and faster to correct RAW photos and, with its extensive file compatibility, lets you work with more than 250 Camera RAW formats.

  • New photo editing tools

    Among the new features is the Object Extractor. It isolates an object so a different background can be pasted behind it. The Smart Carver™ seamlessly removes parts of an image, and lets you expand or contract objects without distortion. Finally, the Vibrancy tool boosts color in less saturated areas of a photo without changing color in the rest of the image.

  • Bonus photo painting software

    Create original drawings and paintings or let Corel® Painter™ Essentials 4 paint a photo for you. This creative home art studio includes dozens of Natural-Media® tools, palettes, paper textures and more.

  • Bonus software from

    Get even more value when you purchase PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate direct from! You'll receive WinZip® 14.5 Pro, powerful file compression software to help you zip and share your digital photos effortlessly. Plus, PhotoLooks, a program for adjusting photo lighting.

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate is packed with powerful photo editing tools and bonus photo editing software for creative results.

Improved digital workflow

Easy batch processing

New batch processing

Fix one photo and have the same changes applied to multiple photos, right from the Organizer.

New Camera RAW editing

The new RAW lab lets you adjust your files in RAW format to take advantage of the RAW attributes, before converting them to an editable format for your regular edits. Work with your "digital negatives" and achieve the results you want with greater artistic control and flexibility, without overwriting the original RAW files. And PaintShop Pro now works with even more RAW camera formats-faster than ever before!

Enhanced Photo Organizer

Customize your digital workflow with new photo management capabilities. Use multiple views, including high-quality thumbnails and image previews, to find your photos faster.

Express Lab for fast photo fixes

Enhanced Express Lab

Apply common edits in just one click. Remove noise, sharpen images, and quickly adjust contrast, local tone mapping and more.

New advanced photo-editing tools

New Smart Carver

New Smart Carver™

The Smart Carver seamlessly removes objects from an image, and lets you expand or contract objects without distortion.

New on-image text editing

With the updated text engine, it's easier, faster and more natural to apply text to an image. Adjust font, color, placement, position, size and wrapping of the text within an image. Reselect the text on the image and continue typing, or apply text on a path.

New Vibrancy tool

Boost color in the least saturated areas of a photo without affecting the rest of the image.

Bonus: KPT® Plug-in Filters

A natural addition to your photo editing program, KPT plug-in filters help you quickly create remarkable image transformations and original effects. PaintShop Photo Pro X3 includes KPT® Goo, KPT® LensFlare, KPT® Projector and KPT® Equalizer.

Extraction tools

New Object Extractor

The integrated Object Extractor isolates an object-even challenging cases such as flyaway hair and fuzzy pet fur-so it can be copied to a new background or a new background can be pasted behind it.

More photo projects & sharing options

Easy photo sharing

New photo sharing options

The new Project Creator makes it easy to quickly share photos and videos directly on Flickr®, Facebook® and YouTube™. You can also email, print at home or order prints online**.

New Project Creator

Using the new Project Creator*, it's fast and simple to make great-looking photo books, HD slideshows, collages, cards and more.

New HD slideshows

An increasing number of DSLR cameras capture HD video, and PaintShop Photo Pro now offers tools that let you combine photos and video frames in a slideshow. Create HD slideshows of your photos and videos, all with the same tool.

Bonus: Corel® Painter™ Photo Essentials 4

This fun program lets you turn a photo into a unique work of art in just 3 easy steps:

  • Choose a photo and the painting style you want to apply
  • Let the SmartStroke™ painting technology create a stunning painting
  • Touch up your masterpiece by hand if desired

Discover the Ultimate advantage

With this Ultimate edition, you have all the powerful photo editing tools in PaintShop Photo Pro X3, plus the following software:

Corel KPT Collection

Corel® KPT® Collection

A must-have collection of creative plug-in filters, KPT Collection includes 24 filters that let you apply amazing effects to your photos.

  • KPT® LensFlare™ - create realistic glows, halos and lens flares
  • KPT® Equalizer™ - blur and sharpen images with precision
  • KPT® Goo - apply a finger-paint effect, or smear and smudge images
  • KPT® Projector™ - add 2D perspective effects or 3D transformations
  • KPT® Hyper Tiling™ - create interesting tiling effects with your image
  • KPT® Ink Dropper™ - apply drops of liquid to an image to create unique effects
  • KPT® Lightning™ - add realistic lightning effects
  • KPT® ShapeShifter™ - create limitless shapes and objects
  • Plus 16 more!
Corel Painter Essentials 4

Corel® Painter™ Essentials 4

This creative home art studio is the ideal way to get started with digital art. Create original paintings and drawings with a handy array of tools, brushes, paints and effects. Or produce a painting from a photo in just 3 easy steps. The Smart Stroke™ brush technology in Painter Essentials auto-paints your photo, following the shapes and contours of your original photo just like a real artist would. exclusives

Get even more value when you purchase PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate direct from! In addition to the KPT Collection and Painter Essentials 4, you receive:

WinZip® 14.5 Pro

WinZip is the world's most popular file compression software. With this powerful zipping program at your side, you can compress and share your photos quicker than ever!

  • Zip files to save disk space. You can compress JPEG files up to 25% without compromising photo quality
  • Protect confidential files and email attachments with password-based AES encryption
  • Bundle files into convenient groups for emailing, archiving and instant sending
  • Back up files to prevent data loss
Red Giant Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.1

Red Giant Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.1

PhotoLooks is a powerful application that lets you manipulate and experiment with light while preserving essential photographic detail.

  • Control lighting conditions and create stylized effects with customizable tools
  • Go beyond presets and create a chain of exposure, lighting, color and lens effects that imitate the real-world path of light through a camera
  • Design and refine unique looks, from simple exposures to radical color changes, with the 100-Look Library
  • Work with large high-resolution images on standard hardware, or get radically faster speeds with the latest NVIDIA® GPU acceleration

Enhanced performance & compatibility

New Windows® 7 compatibility

PaintShop Photo Pro X3 is fully compatible with Windows 7, as well as Windows® XP and Windows Vista®. Take advantage of new Windows 7 speed and performance to experience a whole new level of creativity.

Enhanced speed and performance

Get more speed and editing horsepower with more multi-threading support for multi-core processors.

* The Project Creator is a complementary download for purchasers of PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Ultimate.

** Online printing services are available in select countries only and are subject to additional charges.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista® or Windows® XP with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • 1.5 GHz processor (2 GHz or higher recommended)
  • 1 GB of RAM (2 GB or higher recommended)
  • 3 GB of free hard drive space
  • Minimum display resolution: 1024 x 768 (24-bit color)
  • Windows-compatible DVD-ROM drive for installation
  • Internet connection required for online features

View inspiring images created with PaintShop Photo and read about the stories behind them. Click on the thumbnail image to make it larger and get more information.

Bright Hub, USA

5 out of 5 Review Rating
"I just can't say enough good things about the Ultimate package. The software retails for $99.99, but the standard features along with the new creative content and background remover plug-in alone are worth that much. When you throw in all the bonus content, especially Painter Photo Essentials 4 and MediaOne Plus, I can't imagine how anyone could balk at the price. Even though I haven't even mentioned much about the media recovery software, raw camera support, and free flash drive, they're great additions, too. You're not going to find a comparable deal for any other photo editing software on the market."
Read the entire review
Bright Hub, September 2008

Canadian Camera, Canada

"Overall, I feel this product has come a long way from being a poor man's Photoshop. The price is more than right. Its rich and varied features make it fun and easy to work with. It contains a learning module for the novice that I found helpful, and finally it has a few tools you won't find in Photoshop, but I'll leave you to discover those on your own."
Read the entire review (.PDF, 600 KB)
Canadian Camera, Spring 2008

Tech Talk Families, USA

"I recommend this application for families, being intuitive enough for children around 10 and up to use, and I recommend making copies of some images and experimenting with all the different filters, tools, and effects. Significantly less expensive than full professional photo editing software, this application offers everything a family photographer needs at a reasonable price."
Read the entire review
Tech Talk Families, April 2008

Shutterbug, USA

"Over the years it has undergone a metamorphosis to become quite contemporary in features and functions, with a comprehensive toolset and menu that establish it as a strong and effective image-editing application."
Read the entire review
Shutterbug, March 2008, USA

Silver Award 2008
"At last, a program that's fun to use. If you want to take your photos into the graphics world, this is the most cost effective way to do it. Yes, you'll need more time for mastery, but the results are worth it."
Read the entire review, 2008, USA

"What sets X2 apart from the competition is a wide array of old and new features (some of which are unique to Corel)."
Read the entire review, October 22, 2007

Popular Photography & Imaging, USA

Editor's Choice Award 2008
"Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 is an excellent upgrade to a program that will please the photographer who'd rather spend time having fun with photos than doing a lot of technical heavy lifting."
Read the entire review
Popular Photography & Imaging, October 2007, USA

5 out of 5 Star Review
"Once you get Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, you'll find a very powerful photo editor and organizer that is quite easy to learn and use."
Read the entire review
CNET, September 5, 2007

Written Tutorials

Get the most out of Corel PaintShop with these written tutorials. Either follow on-screen or print out to have by your side, these tutorials are a great way to help you get the most out of your software and your photographs.

Video Tutorials

Unleash the power of Corel PaintShop thanks to the expert tuition of professional photographer and trainer Vincent Oliver. Watch his specially-created 10 minute video tutorials now to help you get the most out of your favourite photo editing software.


Product demos including light painting and light animation

Express the feelings of your heart through a warm e-card

Make a personalized Valentine's card for your dear – in just minutes!

Make Your Own Vignette Frame

Everyone loves the classy look of a vignette frame on their photo. Now, with Paint Shop Pro Photo you can make your own customized frame complete with a background color you choose! It's easy, and we'll show you how to do it with this tutorial.

Reverse Text on a Path

We see it everywhere, curvy, curly, circular text, but did you know you can do create that look in Paint Shop Pro? You can! With this tutorial we'll show you how to create reverse text on a path.

Remove Photo Backgrounds with the Background Eraser

The Background Eraser lets you easily remove unwanted backgrounds while retaining the fine detail in your photos. It's great for when you want to cut something out of a photo and pop it into a new one! With this tutorial we'll show you how easy it is to use the Background Eraser.

Create your own holiday card

With Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo IX and Corel® Snapfire™ Plus, you can create a truly unique holiday card to send to all your friends and family. Not only will you get to share your photos with the people you care about; you'll be able to amaze them with your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Add Depth of Field to Your Photos

One mark of a professionally created photo is depth of field - a blending of in-focus and out-of-focus areas that is usually produced with fancy lenses and special camera settings. In the past, creating depth of field in your digital photos required a long, tricky process. Now, however, Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo XI lets you create this professional look in only a few minutes.

Change Colors in an Instant

Corel® Paint Shop Pro™ Photo IX lets you change the colors in your pictures so easily that it seems like magic. With just a few clicks, you can change blue to orange, or brown to bright pink. You can even make a red dress blue, or see whether you look better in green!

Give a Makeover - It's Easy!

With Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo's amazing set of Makeover Tools, you can remove blemishes, whiten teeth, and even brush on a tan in seconds! Improving the appearance of the people in your photos has never been easier.

Learn How to Fix Photos the Smart Way

Smart Photo Fix is the best way to correct color, exposure, and lighting problems in your photos. By completing this tutorial, you'll see how Smart Photo Fix analyzes your photo and suggests corrections with just a single click. Before you apply the corrections, you can fine-tune them to create just the look you want.

Put the Crop Tool to Work for You

Cropping is the quickest and easiest way to improve the composition of your photos. The enhanced Crop tool in Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo XI makes it easier than ever to control the size and alignment of your crop window.

Remove Distractions from Your Photos

The Object Remover tool in Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo XI makes removing unwanted items from your photos a breeze. You don't need to work on numerous layers or with different selection tools. With the Object Remover tool, you'll learn quickly because everything you need is in one place.

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