The WordPerfect® Office 2002 Software Developer Kit (SDK) is an application environment in itself, providing developers with an integrated set of tools, sample code, experts and documentation. Developers can use the WordPerfect Office 2002 SDK for building dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that work with WordPerfect®, Quattro® Pro and Corel® Presentations™. Users may also choose to create integrated applications based on OLE automation.

What's Included:
The WordPerfect Office 2002 SDK has been redesigned to include an application-like environment from which all tools, experts and documentation are accessible. The following is a list of what's included with this version of the SDK.

System Requirements:
The WordPerfect Office 2002 SDK utilizes common code shared by the WordPerfect Office 2002 suite. WordPerfect 10 and Quattro Pro 10 must be installed prior to installing the WordPerfect Office 2002 SDK.