WordPerfect Office X7 - Readme Notes

WordPerfect Office X7 Update 1

This service pack updates the following Corel® WordPerfect® Office X7 editions to build

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Legal Edition
  • Home and Student
  • Try-Before-You-Buy

Service Pack 1 applies to build (Initial Release). The following items have been addressed.


  • When you click Select Records in the Mail Merge Expert, and then click Display Fields, the fields that you choose to display are retained for future reference.
  • Icons for comments created in any columns other than the first one will now show on the left margin of that particular line in WordPerfect.
  • Adding a Bookmarks button to a toolbar now functions properly.
  • JAWS now reads plain text documents correctly.
  • The application no longer crashes when you browse through text boxes in Reveal codes by using the Next button in the Edit Text dialog box.
  • Mail merge now works correctly when field names contain special characters, such as \ (back slash), / (slash), ? (question mark) , : (colon), * (asterisk), ' (apostrophe), < (less than), > (greater than), | (vertical bar).
  • You can now launch the Address Book Help. (French Version)
  • When you open a WordPerfect file attached to an Outlook email, the Reviewer mode options dialog box no longer appears behind Outlook.
  • When you create a set of merged documents by using the Mail Merge Expert, WordPerfect no longer overwrites previously created merged documents without a warning.
  • Improved performance when opening multiple documents in a single instance of the application.
  • When you publish a document to the Plain HTML format, the Publish comments and Comments heading options are now disabled.
  • The application no longer crashes when you paste an image in a table cell with hidden text.
  • Decimal tab stops outside of a table now function correctly.
  • Pressing the Esc key disables the QuickJoin and QuickSplit tool.
  • After you resize an image and click back in a document, the property bar now displays the functions that are relevant to the task you're performing.
  • The help button on the Security tab of the Publish to PDF Settings dialog box now displays relevant information about the passwords that you can apply when you publish a document to PDF.
  • The help has been updated to include information on customizing icons on toolbars.
  • QuickCorrect now corrects mistakes in words that contain an apostrophe.
  • Post New macros in templates will only be run on creation of a new document and not the reopen of an existing document in WordPerfect.
  • You can now delete a .txt file that is being previewed in the Open file (enhanced) dialog box.
  • Footnote and endnote indicators are no longer published to HTML when you disable the Publish footnotes and Publish endnotes options.
  • When you change the position of a PDF form control, the options for wrapping text are now updated.
  • Favorites Launcher functions correctly after you overwrite an existing item in your Favorites list.
  • Template macros now run from a read-only folder.
  • The RenderPageToImage macro now renders labels and subdivided pages correctly.
  • Clicking on any of the first-shown items in the Find Feature... dialog will no longer result in an error message.
  • Using the 'Next' button of the box-editing dialog will no longer crash WordPerfect when multiple text boxes exist in the document.
  • Executing a PerfectScript macro that contains commands that attempt to use the date-time parsing with a blank string will no longer crash WordPerfect.

Quattro Pro

  • You can now import .XLSX files created in Google Docs.
  • Math functions that use list separators (i.e. average(1 - 2 - 3)) now import correctly from .XLSX files on a non-English operating system.
  • Deleting sheets now works correctly.
  • The application no longer crashes when you trace cell precedents on a circular cell reference.
  • If a cell is in edit mode and you switch to another program, the data from that cell is no longer duplicated when you return to QP and click in a different cell.
  • Font selection is now consistently respected.
  • In vertical split window mode, using the Move forward one sheet button to navigate through sheets no longer results in refresh issues.
  • Adding the Delete sheet command to a toolbar no longer causes the application to crash on exit and launch.
  • When you add menu commands to the toolbar, icons of menu commands that have the default icon in the Options dialog box now appear and function correctly.


  • The error "Bad page range: Please select proper range" no longer appears when you publish a range of slides to PDF.
  • The application no longer crashes when you select a title and subtitle box and resize them.
  • Adding a Layout gallery button to a toolbar now functions correctly.


  • You can now copy and paste text that contains more than 514 characters.

Version Numbers

Application Initial Release Service Pack 1
Quattro Pro