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Payment Information

What payment types do you accept?

Corel accepts Visa®, Discover®, MasterCard® credit cards. We also accept payment using PayPal.

Why is my order status "pending" in my PayPal account?

After you have submitted your payment information to PayPal, Corel will be notified to fulfill your order. At this stage, payment has been approved but has not yet been processed. Once your order has been emailed to you (for download versions) or shipped (for physical goods), your order status will be updated to "Completed" and your payment will be transferred from your PayPal account to Corel. You will receive a confirmation email and Transaction ID from PayPal for each stage of the payment process.

I have received two order confirmation emails from PayPal with two different Transaction IDs. Have I been charged twice?

No. PayPal generates TWO emails and TWO Transaction IDs for each order. The first Transaction ID number is generated to confirm that your payment is approved but pending (see above for more details on the payment process). This is the "Authorization" line that is highlighted on the top portion of your receipt. The second Transaction ID is sent to you when PayPal has released your payment to Corel. This is the "Express Checkout Payment Sent" line this highlighted on the lower portion of your receipt.

What is the difference between my PayPal receipt and my Corel receipt?

After purchasing your product, you will receive email receipts from both PayPal and Corel.

PayPal will send two email receipts. Your PayPal receipts will have important information such as your PayPal transaction number, your order date and total. The first receipt is normally received shortly after purchase. The second is sent when PayPal has released your funds to Corel. Please note: you will see different transaction IDs on these receipts (see above for more information on your PayPal receipts). Please keep a record of these receipts in the event you need to communicate with either PayPal or Corel concerning your order.

Your Corel Store order confirmation email will contain information that includes the products purchased, quantities, price, any serial numbers and download links. The Corel Store order confirmation will also contain helpful information including your order number, billing and shipping information, date, shipping method, and information for accessing your Corel account, so please ensure you keep a record of it.